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  1. I'm wondering If you could put a few lava rocks in the water if you use a Hydro machine???
  2. what do you mean by lava rocks, and what do you mean just put them in water?
  3. i mean in a water reservoir. and lava rocks as in like....the red or black rocks with holes in them that are really light weight that you see around like palm trees that ppl lay down and stuff like that.

    people usually use them in like south florida, hawaii, etc. ya know tropical areas.
  4. if you're talking about hydroton, which is expanded clay pellets, which have a capillary effect, I am sure lava rock will work too but you might want to check with others too I could be wrong, considering how porous it is. also what method of hydroponics are you using, so I can better help you.
  5. ok, thanx. NOW I HAVE A QUESTION ON LIGHTING. I can't afford the super expensive halogen light, so i was wondering what else I could do if anything? natural light?

    would this be suffient? (copy and paste the link into your url): 600 Watt Portable Worklight - L-5300HD at The Home Depot
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    here buy a light from this website, go for an HPS A.K.A High pressure sodium lighting system, don't know what size your space so I can't tell you how bid of a light to get, and you don't want to use halogen lights, so DO NOT buy that pos from home depot. here's the link to the aforementioned website High Tech Garden Supply this my friend is where you want to be looking

    also bro, you should do some research before you start growing, read some books, nobody will report you to the police if you buy a book or two on marijuana cultivation, and if you are still paranoid use the internet, there is loads of info out there, make yourself educated on the subject before you begin, you dont have to be an expert, which I am not, to grow but you cant just jump into it

    run on sentence FTW!
  7. Yes, people grow in lava rocks. They are good for nurturing biologicals because they are porous and hold stuff in all sorts of nooks and crannies.
  8. Don't use halogen for growing plants. It's too inefficient. It puts off a lot of heat and not much usable light.
  9. how much is it compared to hydroton though, because hydroton is really cheap, just wondering
  10. I think it's cheaper, but hydroton is way easier to use. Lava rocks are probably going to be more trouble than they are worth, honestly, unless you can get some that haven't been treated with anything and wash them well (same as with hydroton). Bio-buckets are the technique that use lava rocks.

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