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  1. ive grown outside for a few years now and i am trying to get into growing hydroponically. i bought a very cheep dro kit online but i dont like it because it uses a reservoir system to distribute the water throughout the pearlite. i had two seedlings going but lost one because the nutes werent reaching the plant because it was on the furthist side away from the resivoir. does anyone have any ideas to modify the kit? another possibility i was considering was just buying a new kit. i am looking at the areogarden kit that i think uses a aeroponic sytem with an automatic fertalizer sytem. the kit comes with its own lighting system. but my concern is that it uses flourecent lights, the company swears that they work. heres the link for the aerogarden, check it out let me know what you guys think.

    AeroGrow International, Inc
  2. search aereogarden ..all your answers will become clear.
  3. thanks man that helped alot, there is alot of info out there about it

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