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  1. Hello GC People!

    Winter is comming and a friend of mine was concerned so he has decided to go hydro. He has some experience but it has been a while and no notes are available. Here is the situation. White Widow Clones on a table, with a 35 gallon resevior, heated with oxy stone. Can anyone give me an idea on what amounts and of what he may want to use, again he has experience just not with this strain. He is going on the table with 45 day old clones well rooted in rockwool cubes that are about 13" Tall, untopped. He has not decided on the SCROG yet. looking to get the ferts down first. Once these hit the table they get 10 days of VEG and then 12/12. for 60-75 days. Using 600W HPS.

    We are hopping someone who has grow this strain before can share their nute formular and feeding schedule.

    Frag Out!

    All pictures/posts i put on this website have been found from online sources and have been used solely as examples. I do not grow Marijuana or encourage anyone to do so as its illegal in most areas of the world. I participate on any website just for entertainment.
  2. Since your not getting any responses to your questions, I would like to put forward a comment.

    Don't worry so much about nutrients for a specific strain, just decide what program YOU want to follow, research it, and then do it. I personally use the Lucas Formula (with some variations using plant enhancers (as GH calls them)). I have grown 7 or 8 different strains with it. Other swear by Advanced Nutrients and their programs. Ask 20 people and get 20 different (but equally as good) answers.

    I'm sure that if you did a search on nutrient in the title (advanced search). You would find plenty of information!

    If your interested, here is a link to a thread regarding the Lucas Formula.

    Good Luck!

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