hydro Help Droopy\ twisted Leaves PICS INSIDE!

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    6 Sour diesel clones
    ph= 5.7
    ppm= 160
    Rh= L 15% H 40%
    Here Are some Pictures,
    I have had them for 4, I made a newb mistake by keeping the res. water an 1inch above the net pot, Changed It too about an inch below the netpot,

    Question is , is it Overwating? nute burn?
    another is I have My drippers Off Due to roots r now sitting in water but Do I still need to have it on a timmer like 15 On every 3 hrs? cuz i Checked them Now And 3/6 of the cubes were Dry.

  2. BUMp ANyONe?

    its getting a little worse

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