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    Whats up guys.I have recentley stopped growing hydro and switched to organics.I posted this problem in another thread and got some help on it.Things seemed to clear up but not now.The problem is that it seems my plants have just quit growing.Last guy said it was from overwatering but I let that soil get bone dry before I watered yesterday.I used 500ml of water on the plant in the big pot.Havent given the other one in the grow bag any water yet as the soil is still a bit wet,and I just loosend up the soil this morning to get some air through it.Any suggestions as to why they have quit growing or when they will start growing again?They are almost a month old and they def do not look it.Am I just being to pushy because I'm used to seeing new growth everytime I look at them in hydro?I'm currently growing in Foxfarm Happy Frog soil.I have a 400w MH with 2 150w CFL.Oh,and when I loosend the soil the roots arent anywhere near being rootbound so that can't be it.What the hell is wrong with my plants!?!?!Help me please before I just give up...

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  2. when doing organic... btw you can do organic hydro... you have to remember that there is no nutes for the plant to have unless you physically give it to them. So make sure your feeding them every 3 or 4 days. with a good watering too.

    hope this helps just abit.
  3. No doubt.I just couldn't spend the money anymore on using all those nutes in hydro.Maybe I was using nutes that were out of my budget.Was using technaflora and it called for so much and I was running out and they were too expensive.Gave one hell of a yeild last time though.Maybe I will switch to hydro-organic.Just use organic nutes in the hydro??Seems like with foxfarms you don't have to use as much and thats more within my budget.
  4. And I've also been using Foxfarms Grow Big,and recentley added Thrive Alive B-1 Red and MagiCal(Magnesium and Calcium)to the mix.No growth in over a week but the tops are healthy and green??I'm waiting on some fem. Strawberry and Super Silver Haze to sprout and I don't want the same problems with those because I only had 1 seed each.

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