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  1. AM[/GALLERY]I’ve noticed bottom leaves turning yellow not sure what’s going on I’ve checked ph ppm lighting nitrogen I’m in hydro fill and drain . What else can it be any suggestions I’ll post pic of set up . Any suggestions on best hydro nutrients for my set up
    Regards JL

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  2. They look hungry to me.
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  3. Thanks I’m at 800 ppm for nutrients. I’m scheduled 4 times a day hydro cycles.
  4. Them bitchs are very hungry bro
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  5. Your my second suggestion like that I’m at 800 ppm and advanced nutrients I did cut back any suggestions
  6. As far as nutrients, I use Jacks 321, pretty simple and not very expensive.

    800 ppm nutes + 100 ppm tap is what I run in DTW coco, I wouldn't think there'd be any issues there assuming you're using balanced nutrients and the 500 scale. pH should be in the 5.8-6.2 range.

    Also, make sure you are using either a microbial inoculant such as south ag garden friendly fungicide, or an oxidizer such as pool shock or bleach in the res. If you choose to go with the latter, don't use any fulvic products.
  7. Thanks for suggestions very much I’m still not sure what to do hydro set up not doing well . I do have a coco set up is doing very well . thank you
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  8. How far along are you and what advanced nutes are you using?
  9. Basically whole line of sensi coco master recipe grow and grow cycle 1 week now here’s a few pics . I was told maybe use sfl100 and voodo juice to correct it
    Regards JL

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  10. I’m also going to turn up temp of room it’s been at 72 degrees
  11. 72*f is pretty chilly for cannabis. I've always found that 78*-80* is good for my indoor plants. If I'm running CO2, I usually let it heat up to 82* or so.
  12. Ok thanks I’m going to do that
  13. Sorry, I was hoping I could help , but I’ve only got notes on the ph perfect A,B and C
    Line. I’m just starting to get used to the whole sensi line.
  14. You have to have the reservoir temp to remain 70 F or below, 68 f is better.
    Might want to start freezing bottles and putting them in the reservoir.

    To back to your first statement, help fill in some blanks.
    You are using tap/well water ? RO water?
    What minerals are you adding in ?
    How to the roots look ? are the brown and slimy ?
    What temperature is your reservoir now ?

    How often are you changing the water in your reservoir?
  15. Thanks for reply reservoir at 68 I ha chiller
    Once a week I’m due today to change nutrients I use recommended and cut in half advanced nutrients. I use ro water these are from seed 3 strains . I pulled one from hydroton medium I’ll show you pic
  16. Most hydroponic bottled nutrients don't have the required amount of minerals in them.
    No idea what is in your tap water, might consider part tap water and part ro water to help with the minerals.
    Some members in here put their urine in their Reservoirs.

    You might considering getting your reservoir water nutrient and mineral annualize to figure out what your missing .

    My nutrient photometer with the reagents was about 1200.00$
  17. Here’s pic

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  18. Healthy roots feel healthy and look healthy, almost feel like they are good enough to eat raw .

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  19. Thanks they look great

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