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  1. I'm frustrated that I can't share my hobby with my kids. They are 8, 9, and 10. So I was wondering what kinda veggies I should grow with my kids maybe with a small setup in their bathroom. I was thinking of trying to grow some of the more expensive veggies to save on our grocery bill. I know tomatoes are successfully grown hydroponically, but what are some others. Will I have trouble using one reservoir with different species since they will probably need different ph levels and such?
    Any advice?
  2. Kid 1: "What's that Brian?"
    Brian: "That? That's mine and my dads hydroponic tomato grow."
    Kid1: "Oh..."
  3. um, I don't get it...
  4. strawberries and tomatoes, if you can grow those you can grow weed without a problem
  5. yeah its tomato plants ;) just tell your kids that ure growing tomatos..:p
  6. C'mon guys it's pretty simple.

    The OP is frustrated that they can't share their love of growing herb with the young'ins, so he/she decided to grow some veggies hydroponetically.

    Unfortunately, I don't know the answer for your question, but it seems like it would be better tackled in the Growing section of the forums.
  7. you got it rumandromansim...I'm so good at growing pot that I'm frustrated I can't show it off to my kids. haha Maybe just an herb garden would be good?
  8. why can't you show them. it would be good to tell them at a young age that you grow and smoke buds
  9. funny you mention that. we actually had "the talk" today. kids now days are smart...you can't get anything by them, so when my 9yr old asked me in the hydro store, "dad, what are you growing in the closet?" I knew we needed to have a talk. I simply told them that it is legal to grow tobacco in some states, but not yet in ours. I told them I like to share it with my friends. They seemed fine with the explanation. I told them not to ask about it. Just pretend it's not there.
  10. ^^^ poor choice. "just pretend it isn't here" means it's open season on your closet
  11. Children at that age are very impressionable. I was 11 when D.A.R.E. first came to my school, and it worked quite well on a lot of people. We were encouraged, essentially, to narc on one another, and even on our parents if need be.

    I hate to sound like chicken little, but it's probably not safe for you have a grow op right now.
  12. You told him?

    Well that wasn't smart, homey.
  13. yo you better be fucking careful you kids DO NOT TALK about daddy's "tobacco" seriously be careful dude. teach them how to grow stuff and start cooking with them, 3 birds one stone.

    You get to grow with them, you get to cook with them, and if you have the munchies the hydro food cures it! All the time spending quality time together
  14. Yeah, tobacco idea, bad idea.
  15. giving your kids knowledge of hydroponics could be dangerous. They'll talk about it with their friends, and their friends will talk to their parents. From there shit could break loose.
  16. Pick up an aerogarden deluxe and let em grow some tomatoes! It will teach em the basics, and is great for growing cannabis too, if you decide to take it over! :)
  17. yeah...make sure that your kids understand that its not good to talk about your "tobacco" grow with their friends
    and since your going to be showing them how to grow tomatoes make sure that they kno they can talk about or show THOSE off all they want...but NOT the "tobacco" plants
    tell them this is yours and this is mine make boundaries clear and justified and i think you probably wouldnt have a problem.

    oh and good luck
  18. that's great advice... thanks,
    how does lettuce do in hydro?
  19. lettuce works great so do blueberries.

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