Hydro Grow For Dummies?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Manhigh, May 5, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have resources on hand to help me begin my hydro grow op? I'm talking about something that could walk me through every step as if i was a child that knows nothing about it. I know I could search Google and get this info myself, but I would like to know if there's any 'Hydro Grow Bible' or similar documentation that I just need to search for rather than going into my search blind.

    I have almost all the equipment needed... I just need to know the steps of doing it the right way. Any help/advice is appreciated greatly.

    Equipment i have:

    1000w HPS system with switchable ballast that runs a 1000w HPS or MH on 110 or 220 with a euro air cooled hammered aluminum inside/ white outside reflector with 6" duct ports and a glass bottom and a 6" inline blower to cool it with reflective ducting and yo yo light hangers, a 42"x42" black ABS flood table with fill and drain tubes and fittings with a roll of 1/2" line, a 280GPH submersible pump and another smaller one new in the box, a carbon filter fitted for 4", a 4" inline fan and ducting to run it, 4 stage general hydroponics nutrients, GH PH test kit, rooting hormone, a few pump and light timers, a few different additives, a lighted 30x microscope, and the 150w CFL and adjust-a-wing reflector. its a flood and drain hydro bumper crop system all i need besides what i have is seeds, expandable clay pellets, and a big tub for a reservoir.
  2. i was just going to post the same thing. I got me a super closet deluxe but really don't know how I should have started, but I started with the wet paper towel and then put me seedling in the lower part of my cabin but really don't know if my light need to on, 24hr, 18hr on 6 off, I hope someone answer you so maybe I can get a good understanding of the process.
  3. The Cannabis Grow Bible is what you seek. I believe you can even find it on the web some where if you look hard enough.
  4. Yo, from all the equipment you have sounds like your light years ahead of the curve, nothing like starting with all the bells buttons and whistles, Christ I started in a clothes closet with a light bulb and pot. Knowing how to use all those will be a trip.
    Times have changed and the old bibles of growing need to be revised. Today there are the T-5 floro bulbs, DWC and other exciting pieces of equipment. You have the toys to play with and research on the web will be your best bet to get all that gear up and running. U-Tube...................... Remember PH is the key to Hydro violate that rule and all your efforts go up in smoke

    Grow and Prosper

  5. Ok thanks man
  6. I'm also a newb. However I recommend buying a good ph/tds meter and running the lucas formula.

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