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  1. ok, so I've never grown before and after much research I have set up my room and my seedlings are started. As far as the room goes it is a 2ft by 5ft closet. I have 2mill mylar on the walls and painters drop plastic on the floor for the spills. I have an 8 unit general hydroponics waterfarm system. My light is a 1000w switchable MH/HPS. I'll start my cycle with a MH for vegetative growth and for flowering i will use a 1000w HPS. I also have a new wave t5 high output fixture with 4 bulbs for my seedlings and clones. I connected 6in insulated ducting from and ac unit to a 275 cfm whisper series inline fan which is connected to the light and vented out a roof vent. Then I have a 200cfm vent fan in the ceiling leading straight into the crawl space which has a carbon scrubber in it. Then I have an air intake also connected to the air conditioner. There is a box fan, digital timer, multiple thermometers in the room, a dehumidifier and a hanna instruments ph/ec/tds sensor with temperature and ppm for the hydro resivore.

    As for the seeds I have white widow, super skunk, and light of jah. I have them in rockwool and hydrotron. The nutrients I have are all advanced nutrients. Micro, grow, bloom, b52, overdrive, big bud, liquid carbo load, piranha, voodo juice, sensizym.
  2. You spent all that money getting all that shit for your first grow? If you got that kinda money just buy lbs and save yourself the trouble.:smoke:
  3. looks good bro! I see you have the hana ph meter good choice!! did you happen to grab a tds meter? it is indispensable for a hydro grow.other than that you look well prepared.best of luck!!!ill be watching this one.:)
  4. very nice set up man, should be ready to go. you should run it a couple days and get your temps right. look sgreat ... lets see some babies..
    spending the money now means never buying again...So ganja josh...that doesnt make much sense does it
  5. well i am about 3 weeks into vegetative state. i had a few problems getting started. first i had been using tap water and realized that the ph was not perfect that there was quite a bit of salt in it, so i got a reverse osmosis set up and paid more attention to the ph. that fixed that problem. because of the bad water they started off growing slow and almost died, but i pulled them back with some nutes and clean ph balanced water. now i am seeing some yellow spots and faded green color on the new and old growth. Do you have any suggestions?
    to see more pictures go to my other post...link below.. i have not figured out this attachment stuff yet.

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  6. I germinated these guys exactly 4 weeks ago today.. They have a ton of fresh growth, but they're only 5 inches tall. their leaves are large and they're really bushy and fairly stinky. does anyone know why they aren't getting any taller. the 1000w mh is 26 inches away so I'm not sure if possibly the lights are too close

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  7. I'm starting to go crazy... My plants won't grow and taller and the leaves are all curled under. I have the temp down to 77 deg f. the light is now 48in. away from the plants, and thery're on 2/3 strenghth nutes. The water is at 68 deg f. I have a breeze from a box fan, and they're on 24 hr light. any suggestions at all???
  8. try putting them on 18 hours of light. plants dont need rest as much as we do but after a while they need dark time in the day
  9. um.. Are you still running it on a 24hr drip cycle, im not saying this will fix your problem, but it might help. Maybe they are being overwatered
  10. yooo...i have almost all the same stuff you have...1000W hps, 6" intake, 4" exhaust, 8 unit waterfarm...blah blah...i haven't used the waterfarm yet, but after i harvest my current grow, i really wanna put it to use except i don't really know how to use it..hopefully you can help me out...i see you're having some issues w/ your garden right now, but i don't know jack shit about hydro lol...have your plants gotten any taller?
  11. dude your lights are on too long. 24/7 is okay for flores. but with the lumens your putting out they dont have to move to get the light. turn the lights back to 18/6 or 15/9 and you'll get them to rise to the ocasion. man you spent alot of money. you would of been better off starting with a 600 hps and using flora nuts. with an enzym. best of luck to you
  12. everything seems to have fallen into place....the plants aren't that tall (2ft), but they are insanely bushy and have very dense foliage. they seem quite healthy also.

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  13. I'm having pretty good luck with the system now, although I would recommend a more expensive one that recurculates the water back into the main resivore, I have to ph balance every bucket individualy every day... it takes at least an extra hour daily and much more attention, if you don't do it the plants suffer quickly.
  14. Lookin good man, I have been having some issuses with Advanced Nutrients because of the ph too-

    Good luck man, flower those beasties before they overgrow that closet! :D
  15. nice bulldog....
    he is right watch for flower they will double or more in height at flower.....
    plants loook great man!
  16. thank you Budslinger, I'm going to start flowering in a week. Just waiting for the smaller plants that started a few weeks later to get a little bigger first. you can see them in some of these new pics..... I also reorgonized my room a little and took the resivoirs out to the connecting room

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  17. Holy shit bulldog you are going to end up with one hell of an electricity bill!!!
    A 1 kW MH and I count at least 7 flurotube sidekicks?

    But indeed your plants are loving you for it!
    Total green happyness there dude! Keep it up!
  18. one more day until I start flowering:)

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  19. great set up buldog and very nice bushy looking plants :) Keep it up.

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