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    So I am not seasoned at all when it comes to growing. I have finished 1 grow in Dirt that was 4 plants with 4 oz see here----->My First try

    Now i have attempted hydro 3 times and failed 3 times. The first 1 rockwool cube dried out and killed the young seedling. The 2nd failure i got bad rot due to the cube being too wet like 3 weeks straight. The last grow i stressed her by using too many nutes and not stayig vigil she burned she got deficient then poof i decided to end her. SO this one will work no matter what i do.

    My set up
    Jardin DR60II 2ftx2ftx5ft
    Ebay 600 Watt LED (300 True watts) 3watt per led
    4 inch vortex fan that pulls air from outside into the tent then out the tent into the room via Carbon filter
    1 4 inch fan 1 9 inch floor fan
    1 vicks cold air humidifier
    Ebay PH pen, Bluelab ppm Pen, PH up and down, General Hydroponic Flora Nova Grow and Bloom, Diamond Nectar, Liquid Koolbloom, Calimagic, Hydroguard.
    Planted Day 1 (5).jpg Planted Day 1 (6).jpg Planted Day 1 (7).jpg Planted Day 1 (8).jpg Planted Day 1 (4).jpg Planted Day 1 (9).jpg

    Right now I have a 5 gallon bucket filled with 4 gallons of water. The bucket is wrapped in HVAC tape. Water level is 1inch above the net pot. Im using a Rhizocore Netpot that i cut the bottom to make the hole bigger. 1inch Rockwool Cube. The seed is TH BubbleGum Auto I germinated in a paper towel for 2 days
    Root looks like this. Planted Day 1 (3).jpg Seed was planted a little below 1/4in and covered after the rockwool was wet. Now because she is an autoflower i am going to start her off with 1/4 strength nutes as to try and not burn or delay her at all. The light is 24inches above the pot, Tent gets 80F max with 40percent humidity. At night the tent gets 68F. The water in the bucket will never go below 68F because i have an aquarium heater set at 68 and with the bucket being wrapped the water never seems to go above 72 degrees. I am using RO water that currently is 150ppm of Nova Grow, 2ml per gallon of Hydroguard, 1ml of Diamond Nectar per gallon. Planted Day 1.jpg The PH a week ago i set it at 5.5 and by day 7 its at 6.2 so When the seed was planted i set it back to 5.5 ill be running this from 5.5 to 6.2.Also i have a 1 gallon ziplock bag that is taped over the netpot/rockwool to create a humidity dome. ill leave that on until the sprout comes through

    I will be documenting almost EVERY day and trying to stay ontop of everything. This is General Hydros Schedule feed chart.png
    SO this is how it is breaking down
    ForaNova Grow
    Week 1 - Seedling 400/600ppm at 2.5ml per gallon of grow and 5ml of Diamond Nectar
    Im running 150ppm at 0.625ppm per gallon of Grow and 1ml of Diamond Nectar.
    When she gets 3 leaves i will add 2.5ml of Calimagic and up the nutes to 1.25ml of grow

    Any Suggestions any help any notes would be greatly Appreciated
  2. Day 2
    Seed still in rockwool temps are 78 degrees water temp is 70 degrees. Ph is 6.0. And humidity is 50 Should be up by sunday
  3. Day 3
    Check my water temperature is 67 degrees seed still hasn't popped above ground yet but I have a feeling by tomorrow well I did check the PPM of the water and it went from 150 to 180 which I think is a little strange since there's nothing in the water so I'll check on that tomorrow maybe the solution hadn't settled when I checked it
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  4. Day 4(Day 1 above ground)

    She it popped up still slightly bent over im assuming in the next few hours she should straighten. Rockwool still wet waiting for Roots to go into net pot so i can lower the water so it doesnt stay wet all the time. Im going to be running Half strength GH schedule i decided over the weekend. SO Grow nutes at 360ppm which is 1.25ml of Grow per gallon instead of 2.5ml
    Temps is 67 in the waterr 75 in the tent with 46 percent humidity. Day 1  (1).jpg Day 1  (2).jpg
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    Day 2 above ground
    She has opened up a little more. Temps are steady at 73f with hunidity at 46. No taproot out the bottom of the cube. I lowered water level from 4 gallons to 3.5 gallons because the bubbles were keeping the rockwool soaked. Hoping by Wed or Thursday that the taproot shoots through 20160328_084341.jpg 20160328_084336.jpg

    So 5 hours have gone by and I noticed first set of LeAves have some brown tips
    Apparently half strength nutes are too strong so I went from 360ppm to 230 ppm rewet/flushed rockwool with the new dose at 5.6ph....I guess I won't know if she is still burning until the 2nd set of leaves comes through
    Full dose of nutes according to gh is 2.5ml per gallon which comes out to about 720ppm ....so right now I'm at 32% seedling strength. Updated to follow 20160328_145017.jpg
  6. So my Rapid Start came today-------------Anyone Viewing this know if i should apply it to the Rez and the rockwool or just the rez?So my Rapid Start came today-------------Anyone Viewing this know if i should apply it to the Rez and the rockwool or just the rez?
  7. Day 3
    ppm was 240 base nutes and 10 ppm of rapid start. No change there and rez is staying at 70f....the bubbles frpm the airstone are saturating the rockwool and I have the water level at the bottom of the net pot may have to take some more water away don't want to drown her.

    Anyway comments and suggestions welcome 20160329_231232.jpg Screenshot_2016-03-29-23-26-22.png
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    20160330_192149.jpg 20160330_192053.jpg Day 4
    Temp: High 81f low 67f Average is 79f
    Humidity High 46 Low 29 Average 34
    Rez Temp 69-72 Holding right now at 72
    Ppm Was 250 yesterday today shes 230 ill wait till friday see if it keeps going down Then ill up it to 300ppm. By sunday ill be adding some calmag at 2.5ml
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  9. Day 5
    Temp High 84 low 72 Average 82
    Humidity High 47 Low 23 Average 33
    Rez Temp High 76 Low 69 Average 75 (warm weather today and tomorrow)
    Ppm still 250

    So no real leaf growth I guess but the roots seem to be taking off. I'm excited to see how the next few days goes. :) Day 5 (1).jpg Day 5 (2).jpg Day 5 (3).jpg Day 5 (4).jpg
  10. Day 6
    Temp high 81 low 74 average
    Humidity high 60 low 49 average 55
    Rez temp 74
    Ph 6.0 dropped back down to 5.8
    Ppm 220 (down 30]

    Roots look healthy growth looks good to me....Sunday I'm upping the base nutes to 300 then I'll add diamond nectar and about 2ml of calimagic to the mix
    20160401_113734.jpg 20160401_113556.jpg
  11. I never grew in any hydro system other than DWC. So there is not much I can say about the way you are trying. Except that I would not!

    I would use Hydroton, from starting the seed on. Seeds will germinate very well in Hydroton. Just carefully make a nest of some of the smallest pellets for the seed to rest in and cover it with a single layer of pellets. I cover the area with the seed with something to block light. Check twice daily and sprey it to keep the seed moist until you see the sprout and then remove the light blocker. Put in water up to just a little belowthe seed. I have done this many times with almost 100% success!

    Once the roots have grown a little let the water level drop to just above the bottom of the net pot. Make sure they are getting lots of air. It is hard to give them too much air.

    Keep the pH right, do not over feed, watch for bugs and you should do ok! Good luck!

    I have given up on hydro and now use water only potting soil I made myself. No more expensive chemicals! At least as good results!
  12. I'm using an eBay special 600 watt led....200 3 watt leds that draw about 300 true watts kind of a Mars ripoff

    I'm ok germinating that's never been the issue my last grow it rotted out I think due to light leakage high temps and using GH full nutes off the bat just a mix of bad choices
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  13. Day 7
    Temp high 83 low 72 average 81
    Water temp high 76 low 68 average 73
    Humidity average 44
    Ph 5.9
    Ppm 210-220 (added calimagic at 2ml]
    New ppm is 400. 220 nutes 180 calmag

    I see a little but of purple or something on the leaves and the veins are lighter colored. Especially at thr base of the leaf Sunday I'm going to up base nutes from 220 to 300 for a total of 480ppm.
    Any help or ideas about the coloring let me know
    20160402_174341.jpg 20160402_174332.jpg 20160402_174044.jpg
  14. Easy with the PPM's! She is not ready for 480PPM's yet.Just look at the leaves she is telling you she is hurting already. The tap root looks great and is how mine lookded with this HTG type net pot cover. Looking at your pictures though you are on the edge of burning her down. Looking at her leaves I would still be sitting on 150PPM's using ONLY MIRCO and Cal/Mag.
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    you aren't reading my posts

    My nute ppms are 220 I added 2ml if calmag which put her at 400 total ppms.
    I am not using GH trio I am using floranova grow and bloom.
    How can u tell she's on the verge of being burned ??? Here's why I ask because my starting PPM for 250 and she's down to 210 so wouldn't that mean that it's time to up her dose
  16. Day 8
    Temp high 78 low 66 average 76
    Water temp high 73 low 68 average 71
    Humidity average 47
    Ph 5.6 (added calmag yesterday so im assuming it dropped ph
    Ppm 410 Base nutes were 220........ calmag 180/190

    will give updates later today im a little early. I see another set of leaves coming through. Day 8 (1).jpg Day 8 (2).jpg Day 8 (3).jpg
  17. I am reading your posts you stated you were going to up to 480ppm.Your PPM today to state is 410 plain and simple Cal/Mag is taken into that. You count the Cal/Mag just like it's a nute because it is. If she is liking the 250ppm feed by pulling down to 210 over 24hrs then keep is there for a couple of days but remember the 250ppm is for the GROW and Cal/Mag combined.
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  18. Looks healthy
  19. no the 250ppm was Only Grow formula. I didnt add calmag till yesterday and it went to 400...........so ill wait i wont up them this weekend since it stayed the same.

    How can you tell shes on the edge of burning??

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