Hydro for dummies

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MoW, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. I am a bit disapointed with the outcome of first grow..but I guess we are!. It's only natural to have failures.

    I have high hopes for my second grow. Soil agian.

    More and more I see great results people have using hydro instead of soil growing and a bit of hand holding is certainly required in this area.
    Buying the right stuff , installion, care, food all kinds of special requirments BUT the results should make it all worth while.

    Who can helo me with this. I have seen recommended pail systems but after that what do you do.

    It look like the price of fish tanks would go up if thats suggested...I dunno I just want a good way to grow enough to keep me happy!
    What can I say...1 LB a month..nahhhh 1 LB a year is more like it. that would be twice what I use...so all I need is a steady stream of 1 OZ a Month.

    Please give me a 1 OZ a month hydro grow that will work for me..

    Lets call it: Hydro for dummies..
  2. check the bubble bucket folder at overgrow.com faq's
  3. If you dont need that much weed.Get some auto-flower strains goin you can grow em anywhere,the're fast,and getting cheap
  4. Stick with soil, go with manure...not big yeilds but such a nicer, sweeter result than hydro, that seems a bit forced..and its noticable in the smoke..

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