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hydro flushing

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by W.A. grower, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. how do you flush your hydro system?

    i use dwc and have been having PH issues
  2. You... fill a new bucket with water... add nutes, adjust ph... lift netpot and lid off one bucket.. and place in new bucket...
  3. I thought when you flush the plant your not supposed to use any nutes....
  4. I came across this because I was looking for flushing techniques. but anyways I think you are confused, flushing is the act of litterally flushing a plant of left over nutrients at the end of flowering before harvest by feeding it purely distilled water with no added nutrients only pH adjustment material(how long before harvest is up to opinion I guess and that's what I'm looking for myself, exactly, how long before the big day.)
  5. I should have clarified, i meant how do you flush your hydro system before harvest?

    My ph keeps climbing even after repeated adjustments
    i use pure filtered tap water with a flushing solution and a little hydrogen peroxide to keep the root rot down, then adjust to about 6 PH. every time i check the PH it's at or above 8 (thats as high as the indicator goes). i lower it and it is back up the next day.
  6. Maybe its something in your tap water? Try distilled amigo.
  7. what brand of reservoir are you using? or is it home made?
  8. i use a black 5 gal bucket i purchased from a hydro dealer, i don't know if it's the water cuz I always filter it through a pur faucet attachment.

    distilled water would be too expensive i'd probably have to buy about 10 gal per plant.
  9. I have the same problem,have to switch out buckets of water all the time because im afraid i've put to much ph down in the water
  10. What do you mean too much PH down?
    Are the PH chemicals bad for the plants?
  11. PH down is a acidbut not bad for plants @ the right dose. Are you flushing the medium,,when you add water due u pour it through ur medium or just fill the bucket?
  12. add new clean water with no nutes and just PH adjust the water.

    Use that to flush your plants for 4 to 5 days then change the water again. and do the same in step 1. flush for 10 - 14 days according to your system and nutes. They say 7 days is enough but it tastes better if you stretch the flush a bit.
  13. the first time i fill the bucket up i pour it over the clay and rockwool but after that just pour it in to the bucket
  14. 6.5 is bombay my friend so try to keep your pH no higher than that and not much lower than like .5 than that. So....try pHing your res if you aren't thats definitely your problem. Also visit stealthydro they have organic pH chemicals for cheap if you're into el natural. Hard water build up in the res? Try letting the water (since its tap) sit for a few hours and let the chlorine evaporate even despite the fact its purified, might help?? good luck
  15. uno mas, how often do you change the water out in that thing?
  16. Ah, see clarity is important ;)

    Don't sweat the rising ph, if you put them in a new bucket with plain water just keep adding ph down. The last 7-10 days you have left it won't hurt the plant one bit to adjust it daily.
  17. I have been using a 4 gallon bucket with perlite as a medium, and i take my plants off of the system when its time to flush, I wait til about 3-4 days before i chop them down and i take them out of the room and flush them with pure RO water, at least 8-12 gallons per plant on the first day, til i get a PPM of around 150-200 then i dont water them anymore til i flush them again the next day. I usually use around 8 gallons for the final 2-3 days, per plant. I have been coming out with some very smooth diesels and Mr nice guy thats been blowing my mind. I settled on this method of flushing after trying different addatives and personally I dont taste a difference in smoke when I leave them in my dark drying room for the last three days of flush or if i put them back into the room under light. I started leaving them in the dark room because of limitations on size cause my bushes were filling up the 9X9. I tried not flushing, or tried flushing one day only and it seems to help if you give it at least 3 days, otherwise you can taste a little chemy flavor. Hope this helps.

  18. thanks for the info

    i think i shall keep an eye on the PH more and possibly use some better water. my OP is small(4'x6'5"x20") so i have to take it one crop at a time.

    Zoidberg, your method sounds most effective but my inner hippy won't let me waste that much water:hippie:
  19. If thats the issue, i dont waste any of the water the nute run off is potent enough to feed to my house plants, my mom and dad wonder how i have such a amazing green thumb for plants that they always kill!! I also use it to help fertilize some of the plants outside, or my neighbors bush line, but RO is a big waster, maybe just use tap water for the run off if your PPM is normal city water, i live with well water and if i dont use RO for everything i get a healthy layer of gunk in the bottom of my rez. I also like RO water cause i know im putting in around 1-4 ppm water and i know whats coming out is pretty much all nutes. just my 2 cents. Enjoy and hope your ladies are fat and sticky!
  20. fat, sticky, and stinky!

    thats not a bad idea... 2 cents well spent

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