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  1. Hello i have a GH Water Farm drip system, i know the basics but i have sum general questions.
    How Often should i change the water?

    Are seeds good for this system?( only used clones in past)

    if it the only system im running whats a good sq. footage for it?( i was thinking Growlab 80 or back in my sliding door closet)

    Are CFL good for growth and maybe should i switch to my 400w for flower ? ( 4x100w daylight spectrum, 3x socket spliters, 1 400w non-air cooled )

    how long should let grow, and flower ( fucked up many times with this 2 months growth, 2 months flower)

    What kind of fan is recommended to put inside with hydro farm?

    When should i start adding newts. (flower,bloom,growth all GH , tried dutch master b4 smelly shit )

    Molasis... When and how much and how often?

    Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read and respond :D
  2. would like to help but its so much info if u can break ur set up down a little bit for me medium, size of room, how many plants, there are so many variables best thing man go on you tube and google for the basics then come back here for specifics i could literally type all day and not be able to answer ur questions properly it all depends on alot of things biggest thing i can tell u is "do what the plant tells u" read up and let me know how it goes man
  3. Ditto... Only thing I have to add is that unless you are going for organic hydroponics do not put molases in your reservoir, it will cause all sorts of nasty things to grow in there without the good bacteria to break it down into food.
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    Water change time: First rez change should happen 2-3 weeks in. Then every week past that. Make sure to top your rez of though with fresh water and lite on the nutes!

    Seeds?: Seeds should be fine. Just keep in mind that you will have to veg them out to see if they are male or female. Waste of time if you ask me! You can go with feminized seeds, but keep in mind that they have a higher tendency to hermi (not that they will though).

    Room Sq. footage: Depends on hydro system, amount of plants and how big you are wanting to grow them. More info needed!

    Lighting: I have personally used CFL's for veg. Although I don't like too, they will work. You will just notice a little more distance between your nodes (Stretching). 400 watt is perfect for flower.

    Grow time: Being a beginner, I would veg for 3-4 weeks. The your flower time is a genetic variable. Keep an eye on your trichs. They will tell you when your baby is done.

    Fan: 14-16 inch wall mounted oscillating fan will work fine. Unless your talking about hood cooling.

    Nutes: Start nutes right away (or after sprouting if you start with seeds). Just do half of what your GH bottles tell you to do for seedling and cuttings. Then progress to stronger nutes with growth.

    Malasis: Seeing how you come across as a beginner. I would say stay away from it. Try to get growing hydro down first. Then try new techniques.

    If you have anymore questions, please feel free to message me.
  5. Good info Mr. Greeny, that was useful for me as well.
  6. The only thing I could add to this is to say:

    For vegging your plants; depending on the strain, (a sativa will get much taller than an indica for example) and the amount of overhead, (space between plants, and light, and ceiling) this will differ. I turn over to flower when my plants reach approximately 12 in. When it comes time to pull, They are roughly 2 1/2 feet tall and I am growing GDP (indica). This leaves me 2 feet between my light and my plants running 1000w high pressure sodium bulbs. I am venting my lights too. If not vented you may have to raise the light up to 3 feet using 1000w bulbs.

    I would not suggest 400w unless you are strapped for cash, the closer you can get to a 1000w the better. Be sure you are using high pressure sodium bulbs for flower.

    For rooting I use compact fluroescents on a shop light practically right on my rooting dome. Once rooted, for lighting in veg I move to a 1000w metal halide though a T5 florescent works well too, and if you don't have the money to buy an extra light like this, use your flowering bulb, not ideal, but it works better than a T5 or CF.

    You should can find everything you need about when to adjust your nutes and how much here: Index of /genhydro_US/feeding_charts

    Molasses...eh, not my favorite. But your plants do need carbs, this will help give them weight, and is something that molasses offers which the rest of your nute line does not. Try out Hi-Brix and only add it in when you are about to water so you don't get a bunch of residue or crappy foam build up. This should be used from the beginning of flower up until you flush.

    I change my water weekly using drain to waste. You say you are on a drip, so I assume you are not recirculating your nutes?

    Just my 2¢ =]
  7. How much nutrient solution do you go through cuz? I just could not afford to change a 20 gallon reservoir every week. I use tap water to take advantage of the chlorine and top up at 1/3 strength lucas formula about twice per week. Water stays clear and clean and 2 quarts of nutrients lasts me about 3 months with 2 20 gallon reservoirs, 1 for veg table and 1 for flowering table. Curious on the nute usage.
  8. If you are asking me, I spend about $200-$300 in nutrients per setup, per round. I am curious to see what you pull using so little nutrients. Not to mention tap water. You are aware that Chlorine is bad for your plants right? What kinda yields are you getting?
  9. I go through 60 gallons a week with 4 lights and spend about 3-400 per round in nutes.
  10. i was thinking GL80 for my space to grow.(before i use to grow outta corner of my closet 2x2x5 feet )

    Seeds are feminized from nirvana

    i wanted to grow one plant at a time
  11. I would suggest filling your available space with the appropriate number of plants for one light in this space. Which means you can fit 4 plants that reach about 2.5 feet tall on average. With that space, your bill for nutes and medium will stay around $100, might as well make the most of it right? And what happens if that one plant fails on you?

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