Hydro/Dirt side by side GJ#2

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  1. I'm going to do a Hydro/Dirt[soil less really] side by side grow on these two clones.
    I'll post once a week to show progress.
    They are both the same age/same mom.
    I have a feeling that the Hydro one will win out in the end going by what i see with the other 5 i have in Bubble Buckets.
    I'm getting away from soil and going to Hydro.
    It is so easy and the girls love it:p.
    Thanks for looking:smoking:

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  2. Nice can't wait to see how they turn out! Good luck :hello:
  3. Thanks,like i said i think the Hydro will win:p.
    If it wasn't for this site i would have never made a BB or tried to do a Hydro grow.
    It's so easy compared to soil/soil less grows.
    I'm going to do Hydro for flowering from now on.
    As soon as they are ready to go in the BB,i veg for 3 weeks and flower till they finish.
    Although i've not had one finish yet:p one is 4 to 6 weeks away.:smoke:

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  4. lol you didnt even have to label it clone one and two its kinda easy to see which ones grown in soil and which ones growin hydroponically
  5. I kinda want to do the same thing. I want to at least try a bubble bucket my next grow
  6. I was High!:p:rolleyes:.
    I have 2 others in the veg room in BB's,i didn't want to mix them up:smoke:.
    Plus i have 6 other clones the same as this one.
    I'm a little burnt and i have to label stuff to remember.:p
  7. Hey Larry.....
    Ill chime in and make a perdiction.....
    Hydro comes out on top....Bet ya a dollar...LOL:p
    Their have been many threads here doing the same and i think time and time again hydro wins. Take it with the knowledge that ive never grown in dirt and never will, cept my outside garden in the summer...vegtables of course...
    Keep it green brother:D
  8. I know you're right about Hydro winning.I think i just may stick this clone in a Bubble Bucket today and be done with it.
    Like i said with the way they grow in Hydro its a no brainer:smoke:.
    I am switching over to Hydro,i have about 10 5gal buckets now.I need 20 total,12-16 in the flowering room and the rest in veg with new clones in them.I have 3 flowering now and 3 in the veg room,with this new one it will be 7 total in BB's:D
  9. very cool larry! I'm down for this for sure.

    just out of curiosity.. would you say that you have about the same experience growing in soil and hydro?
  10. I've been growing for 26 years,always soil/soil less grows.
    I always wanted to go Hydro but thought it was too hard to do.Boy was i wrong:rolleyes:,it is so easy to do i can't believe i never tried before.
    If it wasn't for this site i would have never done it.
    This site has so much information i'll never be able to use it all:p.
  11. Uh oh.... Did you spike Aug interest> ?
    C mon august,,,jump over to the darkside... the force is strong in you....
  12. I did and the Force IS strong:p.
    It's so easy,even i can do it:smoke:
  13. hell no man! maybe in 26 years when i finally figure out soil.. i'll jump over lol.

    good luck Larry, this should be great to watch man!
  14. ROTFLMAO>>>> I had to take a shot august...
    26 years when you figure out soil... rotflmao... your killing me man...

    Im glad your on board Larry.. Hydro is easy once you earn your bumps on the head..LOL

    But some soil growers are comfy in the dirt,,,,,
    I prefer a nice jucuzzi....LOL
  15. Come on AW look what you get with "Water:p".
    No soil needed:DIt really is easy;)

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  16. Killer pics Larry... Nice ladies to...
  17. Again thanks,this is Mommy:p.
    She is a big girl to say the least.
    I know if she was outside growing in the summer time she would give a lb or 2 of bud.
    I haven't taken many clones from her,not sure why?:confused:.
    I'm concentrating on one of her sisters,a Kush that smells and tastes like Hash:smoke:.
    She produces smaller girls but the smell and taste are orgasmic:rolleyes:

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  18. Just want to give my 2 cents. 10 years of soil growing outdoor with great results im am slowly switching to hydro because it takes way less water and nutes. Major timesaver. Dont get me wrong i will always have an outdoor organic garden but if your going not natural(indoor) might as well do it all the way (chem the shit out of it, hydro, imo) although my buddy is doin indoor organic soil, go figure:p
  19. So far they are the same,growing at the same rate.
    I think once the roots start to hit the water the hydro one will take off.

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  20. looking good larry!

    *is rooting for soil to win* :D

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