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    I rolled up this this little cloner just for the hell of it. I use Rumple's aero cloner so I don't need this one, but it was fun and I like making stuff like this :smoke:

    This thing couldn't much simpler:

    1)Fill an empty bottle (or pretty much anything that will hold water) with plain water, pH neutral. 2)Connect a small bubble stone to a small aquarium air pump using a length of plastic airline tubing. 3)Insert air stone into bottle. 4)Take your cutting and put it in through the top of the bottle making sure that there's about an inch submerged in the water, use some tape to keep the clone in place. 5)Plug in the air pump and watch in amazement as your cutting begins to take root in as little as 5 days :D

    I used to use plain water but then I experimented with light nutes and the results were much better, the cuttings took root faster and the there was little-to-no yellowing of the leaves like there is with using plain water.

    Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot...my formula for mixing nutes for my cuttings:

    3 gallons water
    1/2 tsp Superthrive
    2 tsp Boost (Technaflora brand)
    1 tsp Grow (Technaflora brand)

    I'll update with some root pics in a few days.

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  2. wasabe, how much is a cheap pump? i really like that idea. this is the fu part of growing, finding new shyte to do.

    Plus, did you keep that in the grow tent under 18/6?

  3. I got that pump at Wal Mart a while back for around $10, might be able to get a smaller and cheaper one at a pet store.

    It's sitting in my kitchen at the moment in indirect sunlight, I'll move it to a veg area when I get home later today. When I clone I use 24/0 light, usually 1-2 26w CFLs close to the tops. :smoking:
  4. have you used the CFL's exclusive for vegging? I have a 110W HO FL from HTG that I vegged with. I really like it. good for 2-4 plants to get to the flower stage. Then I plan on only 2 being female, which my 150W HPS will light til harvest. I just have a small 2x3x5' tent.

  5. The lights I use for veg depend on what I've got going on at the time. I've been growing for years but only a few months ago got motivated to keep a perpetual harvest going with designated areas for specific roles.

    In my new flower room I'm currently vegging with 1000w of HPS, I'll flip them to 12/12 in 3 days and then this room will be used exclusively for flowering after that. Any veg from now on will be in my tiny 3'w x 2'd x 6'h veg/mother/clone chamber using only CFLs for light.
  6. What about the clear bottle does this no concern you?
  7. Nah, the clone won't be in that long.

    I should have used Speed Queen on this experiment, it would have roots everywhere by now. Instead, I used a White Widow cutting with a sour disposition. This White Widow I've been growing takes longer to clone and there just seems to be something wrong with its genetics. I think from now on I'm only gonna buy from Mr. Nice Seeds or Reeferman.

    Day 6, no roots yet on this cutting.
  8. Day 8, roots still slow to show. Aero cloner works better, but I still like this one cause I built it from stuff I had around the house, but it only would've only cost like $10-$15 brand new.

    I decided I'm gonna see what happens when I put mom plants into a bubble "bucket".

    I looked in my cabinet and saw a 3 cup Ziplock container that looked perfect. I used my 3" hole saw to cut a hole in the lid and then blacked out the container with 3 mil black plastic contractor sheeting (but a black garbage bag would work just as well). Then I used black electric tape to black out the lid.

    I have plenty of 3" mesh containers laying around, and some neoprene inserts that I made from gym floor matting (K-Mart a couple years back, don't recall the price). So, I stuck that 8 day old White Widow cutting in this apparatus and in a couple more days when it's better rooted, I will switch out the mesh pot it's in for a mesh pot full of hydroton.

    I've had my moms in soil for a while now, but I'm just more passionate about all things hydro. If this works as well as I think it will then I'll make a few more of these bubble containers and keep my moms in 'em from now on. Even if I decide to stick with soil for my moms, this apparatus is still a vast improvement over the water bottle. :smoking:

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  9. Ah yes, a little ghetto is just never enough... :smoking:

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  10. I am really liking these hydro containers. I'm thinking that I should make about a dozen more of these and use them to veg my plants before they go into the DWC flowering containers.

    I use 15-30 gallons of water + nutes to veg 8 plants for just a couple weeks, the majority of that water gets dumped when I switch to flower. By using these little containers I will use much less resources. That's 1.5 gallons of water vs 15-30.

    New round of cuttings going, 7 in the aero cloner and 1 in a bubble cloner. I am expecting these cuttings to take longer than usual to root, they're not new, green growth.

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  11. Is that pic with roots the cutting that was placed in the bubble cloner?
    I was gonna do rumple's cloner, but a 10$ pump and a dixie cup is a little more my style.
  12. Yah, that pic was taken 12 days after the cutting was taken.

    I still like the aero cloner cause I can root 7 cuttings at a time, usually in less than week. But, if you're looking to take 1 or 2 cuttings here or there, this system works decently.
  13. i like the water bottle couldnt help but noticing that bottle says zephyrhills thats my back yard and the well water is supurb best you;ll find anywhere ... completley organic. no chlorine or chloromine..lol
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    Funny thing. My sister works for PepsiCo, but none-the-less, I only use water that I filter myself :D

    (Nothing against FL bottled water...I just can't stand my sister 0.o)
  15. I'm loving these mini hydro bubblers. My very first White Widow several posts back is now a short bushy mom, she's been topped approx 15 times on 3 occasions. I've got a Super Lemon Haze mom that will be the same size in 3 weeks, and a Speed Queen cutting that will be a mom in a month or so.


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  16. That original clone, now 43 days from cutting. :smoking:

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