Hydro auto grow?

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  1. I am on my first dwc... A few weeks ago i began my attempt. Its going pretty decently but i was wondering is it a bad idea to put an auto in my dwc next? I heard their life timing is predetermined and also dwc speeds up the veg and flower. Or would mt plants just be bigger? Should i use half the rec dose for nutes like i do in soil?

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  2. No help?

    Why drink when you can smoke?
  3. They'll be fine, you'll just have to figure out what to do with the extra weed...
  4. Kool, thanx

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    Will it b faster or just more?

    Why drink when you can smoke?
  5. No it won't be faster but it will explosive growth. What kind light set up are you running.
  6. 1200 mars led 50x50x79 tent

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  7. I'm starting a dieselmatic in hydro
  8. OG Kush Auto in a bubbler at 5 weeks. Roots are long and white in the water. It's my first grow but it's been pretty enjoyable. I say go for it.

    Good luck growing

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  9. Also I use 1/3 nutes in tap. 860ppm 6.3pH...

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