hydro/areoponics setups off ebay. ( rubbermaid ones)

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  1. I'm sick of soil grows i live in a apartment and on the 3rd floor soil is to much of a pain to sneak in, i want to go hydro or areoponics, ive been lookng on ebay at those rubbermaid storage bin ones, that comes with a bubble bar, air pump, and 6 3inch net pots and hydroton, has anyone used one of these and would it be worth the 30-50bucks to buy one, it seems as the roots dangle threw the nets and the water just bubbles in the bottom or they have some with a spray bar that sprays the roots,
  2. I wouldnt recommend six plants in them small rubbermaid. Not enough room for roots, and for plants to grow. You would never be able to keep pH in check.
    Plus, if you were to use lowryder or autoflowers, they'd need to use feminized seeds, as roots will tangle and would be impossible to separate males.
    Make your own bubbler, it would be cheaper and make it to suit your needs.
  3. Just Do It. I agree that it would be difficult to grow 6 plants in it, unless you start with a 12/12 light period from seed. However, you don't have to fill all 6 net pots. I have a mate that is using one of these systems right for his first grow. I do, however, expect him to 'outgrow' it very quickly.
  4. The guys that build and sell these make a killing. Read my sig, make your own. Costs almost nothing.

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