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hydro? and named strains

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by allnaturalxx420, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. i was talking to one of my toking buddies and he was telling me that the high from hydro is half as long as normal, and doesnt get you as high... he also said its often called "kids weed". I never buy the "name-brand" shit. My guy has og kush and headband and other names that he only offers to the closer customers but thats expensive! $50 an eighth $80 a 1/4, or i can get no-name dank for $40 a 1/4 and its always over 7 usually around 8(this is what i almost always get.) Know my guy told me he has hydro for $40 an eighth. I was gonna buy a g just to see if its really a shorter high an what not but i figured i could just ask you guys and not waste my money.

    P.S. I Know hydro isnt a strain...
  2. Dumb people consider hydro a quality of weed when all it is is how it's grown..and if anything hydro is just as good or stronger than soil grown weed
  3. Your friend is a dumbass and don't know shit from dick.

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