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  1. Hello grasscity,

    I am currently growing the strains thumper and asshole from seed. I am also growing blueberry and early skunk from clones. A friend of mine and myself went to the hydro store to get some ferts before this season and after the guy who worked at the store told us about a bunch of crazy seeds they had in stock so i bought 10 and he bought 20. He told us that the store had a local breeder that they dealt with and that he was very professional. He also told us that anyone whoever grew with these seeds usually had very high ratio of females/male and that if we had any problems we could come back and the breeder would send us some free seeds. Doesnt sound like a bad deal.

    So I drop 50$ on these seeds and go home to germinate them. Now I have much more experiance than my friend and he doesnt respond well to me trying to help him so I let him handle it on his own. This is where it starts gettingn bad. Only 3 of the 10 seeds germinated which was terrible because i have grown with seeds before and i have never had this happen. Not only did only 3 seeds germinate but not only that they took 2 weeks to start...2 WEEKS.
    Well they where growing fine and only 1 of 3 turned out to be male. The plants have been growing perfectly untill today. My 2 seed plants are 6 1/2 feet tall and i have been taking very good care of them and they are very healthy.

    Well my friends grow is not going well at all. I checked his patch and they are all just straight plants. Not bushy at all. Not only that but out of 20 seeds 10 turned out to be female and 9 of them turned hemaphridite recently so all he has is one seed plant and his clones left. This could be blamed on his lack of knowledge and experiance but i went to check my plants today and one of my six footers is a hermaphridite. I noticed this last week but i figured i would let it pan out and see how things work out. So i had to rip it out.... Very sad day.

    Overall I am very pissed at the hydro store and there "professional breeder". I dont think I could go back for free seeds now... Not that i would want a bunch of unstable seeds anyways.

    Should I bother doing anything with my hermaphridite or just get rid of it.

    Sorry about the rant haha

    -Full Melt:hippie:

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