Hybrids semi-stealth micro grow

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  1. Hey everybody. My box dimens are 26"x14"x11". Im running 150 watts of cfl.
    2 55 watt 2700k rated at 3860 lumens
    2 20 watt micro 2700k rated at 1300 lumens
    3 4.5 inch box fans
    1 co2 generator using yeast
    I have 2 plants
    Unknowwn genetics just some good homegrown
    Two weeks into veg as we speak
    Plan on going 12/12 soon as i get a timer
    1 plant im stressing to the max while the other will grow naturally
    In addition to the 3 fans i have one blower 2'5 inch maybe
    the box runs around 80 degrees f
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    As of 1-5-13 plants in sig are 13 days old. I flipped the lights to 12/12 expectng to harvest early march
  3. Do u have any pics of ur box? Or the set up in general?
  4. I will have to post them in my sig. They are in a dark periof atm so by tomorrow i will post one

  5. Check out my sig the box was for shrooms but got dis interested

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