Hybreeding,crossbreeding? etc.

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  1. im interested in the idea of combineing 2 strains into a hybrid plant, How is it done? can anyone provide any usefull information (links?)

    I was thinking that it might mean the males of one strain pollenate the female from another strain and the finished seed is the new hybrid

    (is it anything like this?)

    thanks for your help
  2. Your dead on.. that's exactly what, and how a hybrid is made.. You take the male from 1, and the female from another, and let nature take it's course. LOL.

    If your interested in this I'd look up harvesting, storing pollen. Also look up pollinating females, cause their are lots of tricks to due this.

    I basically once I know I have a male I let it grow it's balls then I make a cutting or clone of the shoot with the balls. I then put the clone in a regular glass of water so the stem leans off to the side, and over another glass jar.. The water will keep it alive until it drops it's pollen. once I have the pollen I mix it with 10:1 fluor and store in air/light tight containers.. when my females are ready I take a little paint brush, and dust on the pollen (make sure all fans are off)
  3. the thought of combining 2 strains is really exciting to me:hello:

    question though, can you pollinate a female in the same grow room other Females you intend to have seedless buds with? or will the pollen travel?

    btw what exactly do you mean by 10:1 fluor ?

  4. It is possible to fertilize just one bud site on the plant. Do this very carefully with all fans turned off because pollen travels very far. Just dust the pollen on one branch. It might be a good idea to remove the other females for the process. If you are thinking about doing this, I highly recommend you do some reading up on this by searching here on Grass City and other similar sites. Rosenthal and Frank have some good books out as well and there is always a chapter on breeding.
  5. just one bud? sweet, so i dont even have to fill my whole yield with seeds!!!! thanks so much Vtec,:hello: How long after I pollenate can I turn the fans back on?
  6. I have a question, I'm thinking about doing this wiht my durban grow this summer outside. How many seeds can one get from a polination of just one lower insignifigant bud? I only want a few hundred, so what size bud shoudl I shoot for?
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  8. The durban in the mail to me is a true breeding strain.. So it should work out well.

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  10. DuRiecheSoGut, I don't know what he means by the 10:1 fluor.

    Here is what you do to cross hybridize, right out of "The book":

    General breeding and hybridization

    Raise the males in a separate area free of wind and drafts. When many flowers start to open, move some of the females close to the males, and shack the males a few times over a period of days. Wait two days to allow pollen time to fertilize. Now spray the females thoroughly with water. Shake them dry, and bring them back to the female garden. This procedure keeps other females free of contamination from stray pollen carried in by the fertilized females

    Seeding selected buds

    Most growers don't want to completely seed their crop. Also, you may want to use several varieties to pollinate different branches on one female. No problem. Just carefully hand pollinate selected buds. A single bud will give you anywhere from 30 to 100 or more seeds (one good branch can give you 500) so you don't need to pollinate much of the plant. You must though be methodical. Before you pollinate any bud, label each branch that you intend to seed. Avoid top branches, since there is more chance of pollen falling onto other branches. The buds should be well-formed, and stigmas must be white and fresh. Withered stigmas mean that the flower is no longer receptive to pollen. Use string tied labels or masking tape to label the bud with your cross. Write in dark pencil (most inks fade or wash away). Write the date variety, and the number of both the male and female, and affix the label to the branch.

    The simplest procedure is to take a clean finger or an artists brush, dip it into the pollen, and gently brush the female flowers (stigmas). A little contamination from stray pollen occurs but, there will be few random seeds if you are careful and gentle. You can, of course, remove the plant during pollination into another room with males, or simply perform the pollinating away from other females, and there will be no contamination. Each time you use a different males pollen, rinse your hands first and wipe them thoroughly before applying new pollen.

    [Let me know if you are doing this outdoors and I will suggest an outdoor method].

    A healthy female forms viable seeds in from 10 days to 6 weeks. Four or 5 weeks is usual. Wait until you see dark plump seeds splitting their bracts before harvesting. In most cases, you can't wait too long but, you can harvest too early. If seeds are still green or white they are still to immature.

    Hope this helps.
  11. very much thank you!!!

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