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  1. Just to introduce mys self, Novice grower with 2 years of inexpirience..
    I do autoflower strains, but ue to heat I will grow Sweet Black Angel This Summer..
    400w of cree/citizen cob led are shining in my 1m2 tent..
  2. Welcome to City

    Make sure to keep us updated about your grow via a grow journal
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  3. Thank you...
    Can you tell me If i bought csi seeds from you where from is it shipped? im in eu and all outside eu has go thru customs..so I need eu based store,,
  4. Hello,

    You maybe mistaken however we don't sell seeds here and it is close to impossible to tell me any other companies shipment strategy without experience.
  5. Sorry dumb me.. I had multiple tabs opebned and posted on wrong forum..sorry again..

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