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    looking for a bong under $150. here are a couple that i am interested in.
    HVY 5mm 12" for $95 straight tube

    PHX 5mm 14.5" for $140 straight tube

    EHLE 3.5mm 15" for $93 straight tube

    i was also thinking a zob og straight tube but i can't find them anywhere at the moment.

    any thoughts or recommendations?
  2. I will say, after getting my bong, once I quickly adjusted to it, I wanted more.

    If any of these I would say the PHX because its bigger, and thicker.
  3. If you can spend $160 I would go with the HVY 9mm beaker.
  4. ^If HVY beaker bottoms weren't thinner than the tubes, that would be the easy choice. But, that considered, go with the PHX. Very solid quality for the price and comes with a great diffuser.

  5. I never knew that. So now that I do I third the PHX choice.
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    Have you experienced the thin beaker bottoms in person? Because the name "HVY" speaks for itself and is known for thick glass.
  7. Honestly, and your a fool if you thin the 5 mm PHX tube will be sturdier than the 9 mm HVY just because it's a stright tube.
  8. I've held a HVY beaker in person at a headshop near me and yes I can personally attest to what look like thinner bottoms on their beakers. This does not apply to their straight tubes. Furthermore, a straight tube will always be more sturdy than a beaker if the thicknesses and glass quality are equal. However, since there HVY and PHX have a significant difference between the two (4mm), I will allow that there probably isnt a durability issue with the HVY. My reasoning for the PHX straight tube is that as far as I know (and have seen from a friend's PHX Duo) they make a better product because they do not blow out the bottoms of their beakers.
  9. I'd just go with HVY dude, you really can't go wrong. Personally I'm not a fan of beakers, I owned one and just don't like the 45 degree's off of the female joint. Probably going to pickup a HVY tube here
  10. yeah the HVY i am looking at is a straight tube not a beaker bottom. not a fan of beakers.

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