HVY bong... help me choose!

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  1. I can either get this HVY tube

    or this HVY beaker

    Please tell me which would be a better (durability, ease of use, water amount, ect) buy!
  2. #1, HVY is really thick glass. Either way, you're getting a solid piece. Straight tubes have stronger joints and are the advertised thickness all the way up and down, while beakers may be thinner where they are blown out. Beakers have weaker joints, in general.

    Personally I like straight tubes (I own one), but I've happily smoked out of beakers many a time.
  3. straight. my buddy hash this bong except with colors on it and is a very nice hitting bong
  4. i prefer straights
  5. I have the HVY straight as my DD. I reccomend it.
  6. Those ice notches are sooo high up

    I dont think you could fit more than 1 cube in there lol
  7. I personally love my beakers.
  8. Seems popular consensus is to get straight. Alright thanks guys!

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