HVY 4arm shower head bubbler vs HVY 8arm perc

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  1. Im tryna decide between HVY bubbler or Manifest 7 arm bubbler.. They all are the same price

  2. its not to complicated.

    are you looking for a bong or a bubbler?

    they arent the same thing so there wouldn't be any sense in comparing them.

    So which do you want?

    A bong or a bubbler?
  3. Bubbler...And they are both bubblers which one is better

  4. that 4 arm looks more draggy since the mouth piece is so tiny.

    the manifest looks like it would pull easier.

    but I'd get the 4 arm showerhead since no one really does that except HVY, so its more original.

    I'd say fuck the manifest bubbler and just get the glasscity one which is an 8 arm, schott duran bubbler, for 125

    But there have been some issues with them breaking during shipping, just so you know.
  5. I wouldn't get none of the bubblers mentioned in this thread but all ill say is mgw is higher quality than hvy.

    Also kliff hvy aren't the only ones who do those shower head trees syn also does it but I have only seen it on customs.
  6. ^^This.

    Also the showerhead trees from HVY I have seen up close have all been kinda janky. The arms were either crooked, slits on the circ not even, or the whole perc was crooked. Water tests I have seen personally as well didn't always have the slits or arms firing very evenly. I was not impressed
  7. Id go with the MGW. Been steppin' theyre game up latly.

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