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  1. 1. I am currently building two 5x7x7 rooms inside a bedroom. What is the best way to exhaust these two rooms? I will have a 6in in line fan bringing fresh air in each room.

    1 option is to take out the current 6in. pipe connector to the chimney and make it a T connection allowing me to exhaust this way? (PICTURED)Can this possibly this harm my water heater???? and how can i check the smell before it leaves to ensure the carbon filter is doing its job?

    2 option is using an existing 4in pipe running to attic->roof. But then I will need to use a 6in to 4in reducer? right? I have about 700 cfm to move ... I wanted to use a 6in canfan w/ carbon filter??

    3rd option is a chute below the water heater exhaust running into the chimney?? (8in x8in) I would have to rig something into here.... but would it be okay not flowing back into the water heater??

    Please any & all help is appreciated.

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  2. Anyone??? Please???

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