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  1. My friend wants my help growing a monster crop of over 70 plants and im an indoor kinda person and i was just wondering if there were any major tips?

    My friend, we'll name him X says that he has a sacluded spot for it out in the middle of no where close to where he has grown 15 plants before.

    Any specific needs?

    So your expert opinions would be absolutely great

    The Duck.
  2. all you need is a lot of money, time and space. I would not recommend putting 70 plants in one spot. Make several plots, with decent spacing and be careful. Thats a lot of cannabis.

  3. how many do u think in one location 10 maybe?

    thats a shit load of cannibis, my shout for GC afterwards right? lmao

    and i take it we just treat it as if its a crop of 10 or so?

    its his playbook so he wants big monsters which is going to make it even more risky. i know we sound dumb but we gunna try. i know theres no garuntee but this spot seems pretty secure ect

    The Duck.
  4. Have many different small plots of land that is hidden, away from people, and good for growing. Make sure your plots picked out are very spread apart. It's better to have to drive an hour to get to part of your crop than to have it all in a few close spaces and get found out. If you plant near a river, lake, swamp, creek, etc you can try making a hidden drip line so part of your crop doesn't have to be constantly checked on and watered. Use nature around you to camoflage your plants. When you plant, do it in a bit of a random fashion. Huge plants in rows will make it obvious it's someone growing. But if it looks like a patch of wild growing cannabis, it will blend in to the suroundings better.
  5. fuck this is going to be a big job between 2 people FAR OUT, should be fun tho, does it sound impossible?
  6. nope not impossible :D i just wanna see some pics on these forums when you start!

    got a question for ya though... are you going for 70 plants?.. or 70 female plants? b/c those are two totally different stories :eek:

    have fun.. be safe.

  7. if at any point you are like.. "damn, i dont want to carry any more shit into the woods".. watch a couple brwndirt episodes and you should be good to go for a few more hours :p.. haha
  8. we are aiming for 70 females which means there will be a couple more then 70 haha i heard about cops using heat vision or something from above... if thats so this will DEFINATELY be a problem here.. if we are aiming for 70 female how many should be planted to start with?

    The Duck.

    oh and whats brwndirt? a tv show? lol
  9. oh and of course there will be pics, godda have pics :p
  10. police choppers use the human eye and the human eye only to find outdoor cannabis grow ops.

    since sex is about 50/50.. you are looking at more around 140 plants heh.:eek:

    brwndirt.... well.... see for yourself
    take the time to watch all 14 vids...its definately worth it. :D
  11. listen man, if your an indoor grower, or have your opwn space to grow, start now for next year. grow a few plants in your closet, sex them, then take clones of the females. in this case, take lots of clones. this way, you wont need to do 140. youl need to do 70 and with 140 plants that means that the chances of you missing a male plant are high. this also means that you have a high possiblity of getting seeds cuz it only takes one male to ruin 100 sensi plants. and also, all the plants are genetically the same. i gut a plan almost exactly like yours lol. thats how im figuring doin it next year. my buddies gut family with 180 acres. that gunna be a hassel but well worth it i think. happy growing and good luck on your guerilla op.

  12. Omg i got no idea why i didnt think of that, That's gunna have to be we should probs do, id rep you if i could but i cant. :(

    The Duck.
  13. damn thats a few, he originaly wanted 100 fems and i changed his mind but atm everything is still in blue print form so to speak.

    Ill suss out this brwn dirt thing lol :hello:

    The Duck.
  14. yeah man i was pissed i didnt think of the cloning idea sooner either lol. but hey, if you can, try to clone females instead of using feminized seeds. they have a higher tendency to turn hermi because they are seeds from a female hermi plant. atleast im pretty sure thats how they get em. but yeah your gunna still have to check all your crop because hermies will pollenate all of your crop as well.
  15. I think you should think about it real hard because that is a lot of plants to be growing at one time! Is it even illegal to grow in austrailia? good luck and have safe ventures!
  16. If it's your first outdoor start with 20-30...Your better off doing 20 quality prepared plants than 70 half assed.
    ?'s : Native Soil Quality, Water availability, Amount of sunlight, deer, pests, kangaroo?? , freq. of visits, drip system, etc. get the picture.

    If you have good soil and water available then it's all about digging HUGE holes (8'x8' and 2' deep) and amending the soil and putting in decent size plants (bushy 2' min.) as early as possible (May).

    Also do you have any idea how many people and how much time it takes to dry and trim 100#??? It is NOT something two people can handle....

  17. He lives in Aussie that means he should be plantin in like august/september dont it? cos theyre seasons like the complete opposite of the UK innit so?.?.?.

    70 fems does sound a bit crazy for your first gorilla grow mate id limit myself to 20 MAX cos theres more risk of gettin caught an for two people 70 plants is gonna take you all day to look after... never mind when it comes to trimming LOL youd get serious cramp and itd probably take you about a week aha then drying where the hell are you gonna find the space to dry that out? then curing lol your gonna need about 300-400 jars to cure it depending on the size of the jars obviously but for two people mate this is gonna be one hell of a task...
  18. yeah but understand he wont have to work if he does it lol. around here a pound can be sold for atleast 2000 if its good. if he takes good care of them he can make a bundle. getting a half pound per plant is easy to do if you know how and that would get him around 35 lbs. that 35000. which is not bad at all. you could last a year around here on that.
  19. it is illegal here but its not as harsh a punishment as u guys over there.

    The DUck.
  20. Im not sure on the quality of the soil but me and my mate are going to check that out, its on a hundred and something acre farm type of thing well away from the "city" , water is not an issue here because there is a huge creek system that runs right through and near the location. and for sunlight over 3/4 of the day the plants would have sun because there is growth around but not a shit load, i guess there would be some roo's but will they eat MJ?? my friend said that he wants to make this like a full time thing for him so he will be out there more then i will but wwe would be out there when neccesary. And my friend knows about drip systems so he's gunna see what he can do. we are thinking of getting some help when it comes to the drying and curing stage and there will be one more person that will most probs help with the grow.

    The Duck.

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