Hustler's Downfall (GC rap song)

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  1. Go head n write a verse to this.... n suggest a hook...

    Throw my air 1's on, go out for the evenin/
    tell my bitch i love her but i don really mean it/
    my heart turned cold to guard me from the treason/
    i dont got the time for that im out here money scheming/
    blunt steamin, tryna satisfy my dreams n/
    search life to try n find a meaning/
    but see lately im just not myself/
    spent so much time lookin fo tha money, i musta lost myself/
    at some point i traded hugs n kisses for Ex n O's/
    n i didnt think much when i let friendships go/
    but the fact that i can never get it back got me feelin like exploding/
    but i just push tha pain away sippin potoin, distortion, blowin kush, gots me in hypnosis/
    numb, no sign of any human feelin/
    control slippin from my hands, slowly leavin/
    feels like a monster took over while the real me was sleepin/
    now i find myself at the edge n i just wanna leap in...//

    heres tha beat:

    [ame=]YouTube - Rap Instrumental - Immortal Syndikate (IMS) - Go a Little Mad[/ame]

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