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  1. I know patience is a virtue but but blueberry babies have been under 12/12 for almost six weeks now. I notice flowers coming from all angles but the flower sites are very small and have no smell yet. Ive been reading a lot of posts and experts say 8 weeks is how long they should take to finish up. I was wondering if I should be worried that my babies will be done any time soon. Let me not forget to mention that they were 14" before flower and now 48"!!!! I Vegged for 5 weeks....
  2. What's your lighting like?

    14" to 48" though? Damn, that's one hell of an increase.
  3. some strains wait for the last weeks to plump up.

    are the leaves skinny and long? or short and fat?

    I bet you have a long flowering sativa strain, some take up to 12 weeks to finish. dont worry unless they still dont fill out in the next 3 weeks or so. I had plants last year that never filled in and had funky spaced out buds, still smoked ok though. thats just poor genetics.
  4. Do you have any pics of them? I also had the same problem but in the past week or so they started filling in. I think most plants go through a few growht spurts. One when they first start, one a few weeks in and the last couple of weeks in when they plump up. I dont think mine are going to fill as much as i would like, but thats because they are just some old bagseeds, not good genetics. But give it time. I mean look at all these pics, you will notice the buds are usually small and spaced far apart, but by harvest time they are huge buds! Dont worry bro, it will work out. And if it doesnt, so what, you will only get better the next time. And you're only going to get better and better and better. Its a learning experience and cannabis is a great teacher.
  5. Feminized Blueberry with 400watt HPS

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