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Hurry Hurry Hurry!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by cs_shoota, Aug 30, 2003.


go smoke or no smoke

  1. smoke

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  2. dont smoke....:(

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  1. right now im drinking bacardi 151 rum.... its good shit!!! drunk right now... still got a bunch more to drink.. what to do... i know im going to finish my drink.. but do i smoke... if i do i might just go to sleep... im so fucking tired... and if i drink this and smoke.. i dunno... what do you think??
  2. you SHOULDN't drink.

    bad for health.

  3. do whatever you feel like as soon as you finish the drink. you're mind changes so much while you drink it's hard to make a decision until you finish your drink. Then you decide if you want another drink right now, if you want to go out for a smoke, or if you just want to give up and go to sleep.
  4. ya, i know its bad fer my health.. but its fun!! i think drink once in a while ok.. but i know im going to be a raging alcoholin one day.. it just hasent clicked yet
  5. true true.. after i get some more posts in im gunna go smoke.... but till then im gunna stay right here
  6. you should really go smoke, then come back and realise how much better it is... ;) :smoking:
  7. just do what i do... whatever you feel like

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