hurricanes+outdoor grow=bad(pic)

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  1. ok so i live in Florida and we have a hurricane Threat coming my way and i was wondering how bad is it to harvest 3 weeks to early?. i would hate to have to do that but i cant move it anywhere cause of where it is, the people that i live with and im afrade to brave it cause im afrade 50-60 mph winds will beat the shit out of it even with the tick brush around it. ill know either later today or tommorow whats going on with it.

    thers a pic of it not very good but its at about 30% of its hairs are amber.

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  2. uhhh.. well , ur not gonna get anything off that plant anyway this early... id say go ahead and leave her in the soil.. its a weed bro.... its gonna grow.
    if all ur buds look that small and unformed ( gotta colla pic?) then ur deff not gonna get ANYTHING.
    so i say let her keep living...
    good luck and let us kno how she progresses.
  3. Im in the same position, where in fla r u at?

    I got 2 plants and im wondering if i should bring them in the house
  4. If they're in pots you should probably bring them inside for a day while Fay blows thru. LW is outside of the cone of doom, so the worst we'll see is tropical storm force winds and a lot of rain. Stay safe.
  5. why cut it down i say keep it out there if its gonna die let the hurricane do it for you that way you wont have to decide i doubt a hurricane will toss it around but NJ here so not many hurricanes.

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