hurricanes and indoor gros

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NaughtyDread, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. so its pretty much inevitable, im about to go through another hurricane, and i am seriously not happy. the govenor has declared a state of emergency, tomorrow morning we will be knowing if we have to evacuate.

    we are expected to have a loss of power for 3-7 days. obviously since im on 12/12, im going to have a serious problem. ive tried to not think about this to much, but at this
    time period, i dont even know what my status will be or will i will be at in the next 48 hrs.

    anyone have any suggestions? moving them from there present location will be impossible. i was thinking, id have to move it all maybe into the bathroom which has outsidelight in it or maybe out in another room. that has plenty of windows. again this is all in a building where no one can see in. what are my options? im pretty sure im headed down the hermie path when the cycle gets interrupted.:(
  2. put 'em where they will get plenty of light and not be seenby prying eyes is the best you can do.
  3. how far along are they? is an early harvest an option or do they still have a good amount of time left
  4. early harvest not an option, they are 15 days into flowering. im not to worried about it at this time period, basically ill do what i said i would do move them to a spot in the place that has light, hopefully we wont loose power and if we do, hopefully no longer than 24hrs
  5. Invest in a generator, it will also make your life allot better when the blackout happens. or you can put them near a window.

  6. ^^^ best advice^^^

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