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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by potsmokaupnorth, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. These are some pics after the hurricane we had a week or so ago.


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  2. 2 - the roots of that tree

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  3. 3 - Crab apple tree. Notice the apples on the ground?

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  4. 4 - another tree!

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  5. LOL,
    i hope nobody was camping out at the camp fire to the right
  6. no it was to windy everyone was inside
  7. yea my dad said that if you put the roots back in the ground then it'll start growing. He's like a plant freak and not even 4 weed just like tropical plants and his garden. Our garden is HUGE!! U wanna c a pic of it? it's getting l8 in the season so some of the plants look like shit and theres nothing much left but if anybody wants 2 c it i'll take a pic 2morrow cuz it's raining right now.
  8. Thats awesome i think it just stopped raining ill brb with a pic
  9. Alrite the pics wouldn't work till now nut here they are. I take care of the garden alot too. It's good expierience for the real thing if ya know what i mean.

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  10. another pic

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  11. heres some pumpkins

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  12. a mini armageddon, and then....

  13. hahaha pumpkins are silly. Cool hurricane pics, scary really. And Nice garden.
  14. wow. those pics were nothing. i live in the southeast of Virginia, (right near da beach!) and people's yards and front lawns are still lined at the curb with fallen trees/multiple multiple bags of leaves and debris and shit that still hasn't been picked up from the hurricane that hit us over three weeks ago, some people were without power for like 15 to 16 days. shit sucked.
  15. Yea most of the people a little ways away didnt have power untill sunday and some still dont have it. but my yard was really lightly hit. In other places there was at least 20 trees all uprooted.
  16. where are you potsmoka?

  17. Canada
  18. me too. where in Canada?
  19. eastren canada, where r u?
  20. ontario. where in the maritimes are you? i'm from NS, and i know they just had a wicked storm there.....

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