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  1. Should I be worried about my outdoor grow because of a hurricane? I may be expected some "tropical storm force winds" according to the weather man.

    Has anyone ever dealt with hurricanes and is their anything I can do to prevent problems?
  2. ditto same with me nd mine r planted directly in the ground can some1 help me out pleaze
  3. Be creative, I'm sure you've all been in strong wind before. Sadly, I have no advice to offer lol - I've never been in this type of situation.

    Anyone else know how to protect their crop from wind rape? Too bad you didn't plant in POTS :\
  4. I lost a few when the remnants of Hurricane Ivan ripped through Pennsylvania but I lost them, lol. So Im not much help. On the bright side, it gave us so much rain and mudslides, it changed the path of a creek in the woods where I grow now. Old dried up creek bed, nice and fertile, fucking bugs everywhere though.

    I really dont know what to tell you guys, especially the guy right in the ground. Pray?

    Maybe get 4 stakes(deep ones) drive them in the ground in like a square around the plant and tie the plant to each one with some strong rope or twine. I dont know if this would help much in hurricane force winds though.

    Good Luck guys, which Hurricane is it? Hanna?
  5. maybe tarp them down use ng a board that is taller then the plant in the middle like build a tent over it i dunno none of those in cali
  6. Nope. Get yourself some 8 foot bamboo stakes from Kmart, and some masonry string from the hardware store, it's soft and non abrasive. The bamboo looks very natural. Wrap the string once around whole top of the plant, including the side branches, and anchor it to the bamboo stake. Do it so that when the wind comes the whole plant moves in unison and the branches don't stress and fracture at the main internodes. This will save your grow.
  7. Have you ever tried this OldPork?

    Could you also go into more detail about the method?

  8. A tent in a hurricane ??? Doesn´t sound a good idea, somehow.
  9. try to support is as much as you can, from a prior experience a buddy of mine had a plant about 6 ft tall, and all we had was a strong thunderstorm at night, in the middle of it we went to check on it and it was literally almost ripped in half, we tied it back together (like the bonsai tree in the movie karate kid) and it grew back together, funny part is that some of the material we tied it with actually grew into the plant but the plant finished fine

  10. Yeh one of my plants got snapped in half, but with a little bit of it left holdin it together and its growin fine an i didnt even bother doing anything cos i had more an they were just bagseed... shame its a male :(

  11. Pretty self-explanatory really...just do what he said.
  12. Just check out the latest pics in my grow.

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