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  1. Is there anything one can do to protect a plant from very weak hurricane force winds? I'm mostly only concerned for a stem break. Theres a small possibility my area could be hit by a hurricane in 5-6 days.

    - Vince
  2. why not just take it inside?
  3. In ground. =(
  4. i would build a hurricane shelter with a removable lid.....:smoking:

    sorry...lil drunk tonight....
  5. How would the plant get light? It would aldo make the plant extremely noticeable from the air. Any other ideas?

    - Vince
  6. ok i was actually joking but my humour is admittedly weak sometimes....:smoking:
    why dont you try putting a stick in the ground and tying it...
    my preferred method is to let em be....if it dont kill em it makes em stronger...
  7. Rule #3 in outdoor growing, keep your plants in pots to keep them portable.
  8. Well at least now we know you dont live "up in the clouds" but rather in florida :)
  9. PS thats not a hurricane its a breeze :)
  10. Dude make a portable shelter, that you can easily move and stake down and if she blows your way take it out just before she is going to hit and remove as soon as shes over. The DEA is not going to fly in no hurricane, even if its a downgraded.
  11. could you try a plastic wrap put on a support around the plant?
  12. Pray..

    cause theres not much you can do....winds are to strong to protect it with anything really and if there is any flooding at all it doesnt even matter what you do. trust me.. i've been through many hurricanes and can tell you that even with a Cat 1..therees not much you can do. g.luck thouh..
  13. its not a CAT1 its barely even hanging on to Tropical Storm status, 45mph winds maximum, and even if your at the very tip end of florida which it will pass right over and then die off you still only have 40% chance you will even get 45mph winds.

    I cant believe even Seaboard in Miami closed down for a breeze, they should visit here with some Cat 5's and 180mph winds sometimes...

    Guess cant blame em, with all the frame and stucco buildings over there :)
  14. so Vince did she make it intact?

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