Hurricane Party!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Buzz, Sep 18, 2003.

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  1. Isabel is bearing down on the East Coast....time to take on supplies & ride her out.

    What supplies to we need for our Hurricane Party?

    Mine are:

    1. Weed (should go without saying, but I don\'t want to take the chance of not packing it first), stashed in a high & dry place.

    2. Full liquor cabinet

    3. Ice & coolers (if the power goes).

    4. Backup lighters

    5. DVD\'s

    6. Toys to keep the kids busy

    7. Toys to keep Mr & Mrs Buzz busy

    8. Duct tape....I don\'t know what for, but it\'s good for fixing just about anything or strapping anyone to the bedposts

  2. I\'ve always got wood........

    plus some logs to burn on the fireplace.......

    a generator sure could come in handy though
  3. Storm will be nothin but 50 mph winds friday for me and some rain but thats it.
    no need to run and hide in the cellar
  4. we got a state of emergency happening right now. no driving for us anymore...winds are kicking up and the rain is startin to hurt the face pelting down taking wind..
    just got back from a beer run. got Dos Equis XX lager on hand. :) got my tool, pink floyd & doors cds pulled :)
    a lil earlier we took a trip down to the beach. blocked off where you can drive on cause there was no beach to drive on!! our lil island here is gonna see some back bays and oceanfront flooding, hopefully nothing to bad...if so, breakin out the kayak tomorrow! lol...nah, shouldnt get that bad..lets hope not. hopefully all is well down south further.
  5. i dunno... its getting reaallly windy and cold now.... only drizzling thus far..... i hope its not as bad as said to be.....

    cause im right on the water... or over it actually.... so i don\'t need my house floationg off the cliff thank you....

    but yeah.... im ready to waitthis thing out...... house is stocked with booze, food, flash lights, dog food and thats about it....

    as long as the cell phone works im all good.... talking to my baby can get me through anything...:D
  6. lmao.

    i was gonna post something heart felt about my bro and sisinlaw and nephew.... but ... .... ... ... cant stop thinking about them mountains. lol.

  7. are you sure about that...... i heard you feel things like that all the time...:D
  8. We made it thru with minor incidents (a little h2o in the basement), but our power\'s out & may stay out for several more days....gotta get to the office just to check-in w/the City.....

    How\'d everyone else make out? Safely I hope?

  9. mild breeze....1/2 and hr of rain and a few sticks in my back yard...... all\'s good in the hood.... goin down to the beach down to check out the storm enduced waves and get bent.....:D


    thats nuthin. i was runnin around in 70 mph winds when you were still wearing underwear designed to be shat and pissed in. 50mph? nuthin but a little bit breezy.

    hope everyone survives the breeze. lol. ;)
  11. Still no power at chez Buzz....bummer

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