Hurricane Dean heads for Jamaica, prayers needed.

Discussion in 'General' started by dbpwattack, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. If you guys haven't been watching the news or reading the news, Hurricane Dean is projected to hit Jamaica at 155 mph and could be an "unprecenented event" for the small country. Jamaicans are peaceful and loving as well as elightened by the great herb. They need our prayers.
  2. as a Florida resident, i feel the destruction of hurricanes. I'll send my prayers to my rastas in Jamaica
    may all be well
  3. It's projected to head towards Texas....hope it don't come my way
  4. Do you know when it may hit Texas?
  5. I will try to pray, but I don't know how much of a help it will be.

  6. Most of the people are...but have you ever been to Kingston or Trenchtown?

    Shits fucked up.
    I believe Jamaica has one of the highest murder rates in the world

    Don't get me wrong though, I would love to visit Jamaica and it sucks about the hurricane.
  7. Projected to hit the southern tip of Texas Thursday evening
  8. fuck prayers they need real support.. tell your goverment to send support! let them know you care !


  9. yes.. I've been to both and it's not bad at all, people live peacfully and are humble, you go to the wrong places and your in a sketchy situation.. but you can say that for a lot of places too..

  10. what good is praying, the entire world joined in prayer wouldnt stop a hurricane from touching down. know why? you should

    i'll send em my wishes for the best instead
  11. QFT, I'm an atheist and this is my exact view. Don't worry though the US will come running to the rescue, as always... =D

  12. If you don't believe in a collective manifestation of positive vibrations then please don't "try".

  13. really? how helpful was the US govt. after the Asian Tsunami? What about the genocide in Darfur? US govt. only cares about its own needs given the fact we are nearing $8 trillion in debt.

  14. :laughing:

    collective manisfestation of positive vibrations?
    praying does nothing.

  15. does meditation do something?

    I believe that praying for your own personal good doesn't do shit, but praying for those in danger and in need of help does. And for the record when I say "praying" I don't necesarily mean folding your hands together and bowing your head, one must look into the heart. Anyways this is about the hurricane in Jamaica so I don't want this to be hijacked by a bunch of atheists. There's plenty of these threads in Spirtituality and Philosophy.
  16. damned atheists, all they ever do is hijack threads :rolleyes:
    but whatever, do what you want.
  17. I never said all they ever do is hijack threads, just this one. I can understand how it got off topic but I'm just asking to get back to the real situation- Hurricane Dean.

  18. yea, but the US should only care about its own needs instead of babysittin the entire world, everyone bitches about us bein in other countries, n then bitches about us not helping in other countries when they need it

    oh and i'm not an atheist, satanist would be the correct term... but yea, back to jamaica

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