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    I was just wondering what advice you guys and gals would have for a person or persons who hypothetically had a good number of indoor plants under 600watts veg and 2000 watts flower, this would be in two serperate rooms, that possibly had to evacuate for a random ass hurricane. This person would also have an ac unit, dehumidifier, and various fans. This whole setup would be in soil. I haven't posted much. I just read what you guys have to say and would value any advice you might have on this hypothetical situation. This evacuation would mainly be due to something like a persons wife being preggy. I'd really appreciate advice, especially from anyone whose had to go through this. Peace out.:confused:
  2. my advice would be "fuck the set up ,plants etc & just be concerned about getting my hypothetical pregnant wife out of there"

    my 2 cents mate.

    ps; i know its maybe not what you want to hear but a plant is just a plant a kid is priceless;)& so is its mother:)

    peace & hope things go well:smoking:
  3. Great advice motorheed; Good luck with this situation man; hopefully it will weaken to just a storm;;
  4. OK , TO START WITH RELAX !! there a alot of vairiables here. i'm here in florida and been through severral hurricanes &ts fay. what storm are you concerned about? if you are worried about gustov and you are in new orleans area i would be concerned. where ever a hurricane hits there will be large power outages that last 3 days - 2 weeks depending on intensity of storm , and speed of storm moving. and the constuction materials of home and proxcimity of trees to home ,because they will fall .most homes can withstand winds of 100 miles per hr .:rolleyes: if you need more info shoot me a line . peace out, be safe
  5. i feel your in louisiana in the suburbs of new orleans area to give you an idea of the shit ive had to go through..... but im stayin my ass here. i wanted to stay for katrina but my family wanted to go leave, but im 20 now and they cant make me.

    as for fireindaeyes i dont really know what to say man. it depends on where you are really and how far north you are. see if your wife will go with other family and you stay to protect your stuff cus i know around here looters will steal your whole damn house if they could. if you leave your plants inside they are most likely gonna die because of the powering being out. i personally would put them outside...ya theyre gonna have to go through a hurricane but if they make it through that then they atleast might survive when the sun comes out again.

    im stayin for gustav if it comes here and what im gonna do is put them outside when it passes and the sun comes out....but mine are also only a couple weeks old.

    goodluck man, i know these things can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
  6. if you got the cash you could get a generator for when the power goes out.
  7. Thanks for the advice yall. I'm in the New Orleans burbs. Wife is getting on a plane to her family's in the morning. As for the hypothetical set up, I'll wait for the storm to get closer to decide if it should be scrapped, and evacuate me and the dogs. I've gone through a hard year trying to get good at this. Now that its hitting on all cylinders, I gotta scrap it and its killing me. Thank you guys for helping out. I'll keep you posted.
  8. damn man that's heartbreaking. i can only imagine
  9. so that's why all those people in NO didn't evacuate on time, they had weed plants!
  10. Well I have sat my entire life through every hurricane that has passed through or by Florida.

    Now, the Florida resident in me says man up and keep the set up because Hurricanes aren't really that bad. People just blow them way the hell out of proportion. However, knowing that you are already 200 feet underwater without proper levees to guard you this time, I would tell you to gtfo if it gets to be anything higher than a Cat 1 or, depending on the winds, a Cat 2.

    Also, just remember. They are plants. Seeds can be rebought. Plants can be regrown.
  11. Gustav was working while I was sleeping. He's now a category 3 and strengthing. He's still headed this way. Mandatory evacuations haven't been ordered yet. I'm worried about waiting till the last minute to abort this grow,because then I'll be the only person on the road and I'll have a truck bed full of aromatic garbage bags. This su su su su sucks! I need some folks out there to holler at mother nature on my behalf. This storm needs to turn away from us. I'm sitting in the a/c sweating bullets. My ladies seem like they could care less. They are just standing in the back looking all pretty and smelly. Whish us luck and thanks for alll the support. Peace out.
  12. ya man ive been keepin track of it and ya its a cat 3 right now and they said when it gets into the gulf it could be a cat staying at my parents house in slidell which is like 30 minutes away from new orleans and on the northshore of lake pontchartrain for people who dont know. im not really worried about my plants cus theyre only 2 weeks old right now so o well.

    hopefully ill get some cool footage of right after. now i just gotta wait for my friend to call me back so i can get some pot to help me ride out this hurricane :smoking:
  13. I'd jump ship if I were you so long as it keeps getting worse. did your house get bad fucked by Katrina? Cause if it didn't then you might ride this one out the same way.
  14. I hear Gustav is a category 4 now.

    I recommend getting out of there. Your life, or the plant's life... pretty much comes down to it when you think about it.
  15. I am in LA as well. Gustav has become a category 5 and is expected to be no less than 4 when it hits us. My advice is spend your time worrying about the hours and hours of traffic you will be sitting through to get to safety, food, and gas. I hate that you will lose all your progress, but that's a small price to pay considering the other possibilities. Good luck during the storm!
  16. Make sure you clean that shit up too. If the electricians and cops and shit have to come by the place to see if they can turn the power back on you don't want them finding a growroom in your house.
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    barricade / sand bag your house/room as much as you can get pumps and generators if you have that option, you will loose power more than likely so be ready for it. Get your essentials with you and work to keep everything of value, Including yourself and your pets out of the water if it comes in. Have plenty of fresh water stored in case you get stranded. Have a fire starting device, and pans to boil water in too. It is vital that you keep hydrating and stay dry

    If shit goes south, Have an evacuation and trash plan set up. Have a route and several back up routes planned.

    This is a terrible situation and I feel for you. Just do your best to protect yourself

    keep us posted
  18. Well that is it. My wife is gone on a flight out. I have everything packed dogs, myself, food. The girls are done for and bagged up. I have ten ladies that are ready. Any one have any idea how long I can store wet herb. I got all the ladies grennery into one big bag. Then Quad bagged it all. I have a little trailer to sleep in when I evac. I'm hoping I can find a shelter to the east that will let me in with the dogs. I'll holla at yall when I return. Thanks for all your well wishes. This really sucks, but we'll be ok. Be safe all yall in La. Good luck.;)
  19. Most shelters are allowing animals as well since there are really no other options. Good luck to you as well. Be prepared for massive power outages... :(
  20. Good luck dude, hope everything works out for you...

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