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Hurricane Bong w/ Pic

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by boombata, Nov 18, 2009.

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    why does nobody speak of the Hurricanes?? they are damn near indestructible. built in glass/glass a/c, the slits for spinning heavy smoke/tar to sides & clean THC smoke in the middle & its damn near unbreakable!! few yrs back, it was around $500-750. but now, all Toro's & SG glass is as much. so, I am wondering why nobody talks about these?? I have the 750ml gold & frosted one, but i broke the female. which, a you can tell is quite custom, if u want to use the catcher. if not, you can dremel a roor stem or find a short one from another piece to supplement. they make 650, 750, & 1000ml ones in various styles. but all of them are non right angled bora-silicate, like your car windshield. you can drop, bang, or throw the darn thing. The glass is probably around 4.5-5mm, but is probably 2x as strong as a 9mm angled bora silicate....but, with the way the smoke spins & cleaner smoke enters your lungs, you can take bigger hits. i find the high is somewhat different than any other piece too. I would highly recommend trying or buying it....

    edit* - almost forgot!! as you noticed, there is a front Carb. this is so key, you never will have to pull through stale water again. also, drag is a moot point, as well. some hate the carb b/c of spilling the water. but, i just cork it until I am ready for use....

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  2. I dont like the design.
    I wouldnt buy it because of the design. It turns me off.
  3. interesting.....have you tried it whoever said it was junk?? the tripod design is more stable than a str8 tube roor. also, the front tripod is meant to snap off & break to absorb shock & protect the rest of the binger. i think junk is a little harsh.....i don;t know of any other glass manufacturer to use non angled bora silicate yet either. if i spend over $500 on a tube, i would expect some of these traits. but if I am buying junk, i would not.
  4. They are okay, am just not a fan of carbed bongs. Cool designs but kind of annoying to hit sometimes because you have to pull the slide and unplug the hole. They are neat but I dont see myself buying one over some of the newer designs that have come out recently.
  5. The fact that it has a carb pretty much makes it worthless for me.
  6. My friend has one and it's Meh. Nothing really that special and I'd much rather buy a piece that can use other diffys and ash catchers (the ash catcher it uses is dry). Also for 500 I want at least one perc but hurricanes got nothing.

    P.S. Carbs suck.
  7. the hit is too airy. i like a thick milk. also the carb spills water with the slightest tip forward. no diffused stems without buying an adapter and a new stem. it's nowhere near indestructable. it's glass. besides all that, it's weird to hit anywhere other than on a flat surface. i don't want to stand up every time i want to hit it. if i put it in my lap, i get a lapful of bong water.

    sorry, but they're not great at all.

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