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  1. whats up fellow grasscitiers, I have recently grabbed interest in bows and arrows for the purpose of ultimately hunting some day but mainly target practice, atm. I want to get a good, decent compound bow and have no clue where to start. Any pointers regarding which makers to avoid? which ones to buy? etc?

  2. My advice is get a gun instead  :p

  3. Love my bow way more than my shotgun. Just for starters. Archery season here in IL is open about 3 months.. I absolutely love it.

    For starters.. bows are custom. For the most part. I bought a pse bow madness 2 years ago for my first bow.. so by no means am I an expert. However.. I wish I would have saved an extra 400-500 and bought a high-end..

    Just my $0.02.. good luck. Just get on an archery forum and look more for how they pull and perform.

    Just wait til you have to shop for arrows.. pshh!!
  4. i need to get a bow....and a crossbow
  5. its hard to beat a matthews brand anything
  6. I have a recurve that I really enjoy
  7. My hunting bow is an older Jennings compound bow. But I do have a few recurve bows and a Mathews geniuses compound that I like to mess with once in a while.

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  8. I've been hunting my entire life but just recently killed my first deer with a bow this year after years of trying. It's truly a whole nother ballgame than rifle hunting. It's fun and all but I still like gun hunting more. With that being said, there's not really a bad bow made today. Any of your top brand bows are good (Matthews, Bowtech, Hoyt, Bear, PSE, etc) I personally love the feel of the newer PSE and Hoyt bows. I've shot the 2012 Hoyt Katera and it's a SWEEEET shooting bow. Just find something in your price range, most archery shops will let you test shoot any bow you want to buy.
    You're accuracy will be reflected by what type of arrows you shoot. I personally shoot Easton Axis and they group and shoot well with both field tips and broadheads.

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