Hunter Moore Busted By The FBI

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    Being the Twitter head that I am, both for socializing and keeping up with some of the bigger events around the globe, I stumbled across this today. I've known about Hunter Moore for a little over a year now, and while I found him entertaining, this was inevitable. As someone who opposes a lot of what the government institutes and stands for in this day and age, I sympathize with some of what Hunter said- even if he's just an idiot who has no intellectual insight into what I would perceive as core Anarchist/Socialist beliefs and values. He's clearly just a guy who was online, had an idea, capitalized on stupid people, and hates that it has to come to an end. None the less, I continue to find it funny that people are arrested on "hacking" charges, when hackers working for the police and State are usually the only way said individuals are caught. The same kind of bullshit that cost us someone great like Aaron Swartz, is still continuing to spiral out of control- part of the reason being that people don't understand the internet on a fundamental level. People don't understand that hacking is creative problem-solving written in a syntax they cannot comprehend-marginally because they have never tried. While I'm definitely not advocating the hacking of nudes, I am entirely advocating the awareness that you are negligent if you do not protect or encrypt your shit to some extent if you associate with people who freely exploit others online for fun. Use common sense. If you are an attractive woman walking through the ghetto alone late at night, it doesn't justify the possibility of a thug robbing, raping, or harassing you, but there is a clear and undeniable rise in the threat against your well-being when the potential implications of a realistic scenario are ignored. The online realm is not a physically-dangerous place, but the attacks manifest very physical and emotional responses when taken to the absolute extreme. Before the first feminist hops in here chewing my head off also, I used women as an example because the majority of those exploited by him are women.
    While I could give a fuck about Hunter Moore's fate, it does make me contemplate my own and the validity of the world I aspire to be successful in- being that thinking outside the box seems to be met by someone with a badge holding a metaphorical gun to your head, shouting for you to get the fuck back inside.

  2. They probably arrest these people so they can be on the payroll, or maybe so they can perform "Community" service for a time for the agency and then get a reduced sentence or some bullshit lol, i mean not even I would turn down free skilled labour. 
    I dont know, either way hunter moore didnt give a fuck and his fans didnt give a fuck so why should they start now
  3. One of the main reasons he got popped was illegally obtaining people pictures from their computers, majority of which were underage females (he never bothered finding out if they were of age) and making a profit off it. Hes just an internet tough guy who still lives at home lol Sent from my burner
  4. Loved hunter Moore so I'm upset about it but I'm not surprised at all Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  5. Good. Fuck that guy he was a shit person.
  6. He's definitely been on multiple watch lists for a long time, and this was just the excuse they needed. Surprised they let him keep going that long. Guess until recently, they lacked the evidence.
  7. I know a guy who's worked on music with him. At one time he was a millionaire but he blew all his money on prostitutes and coke. He's been living in his parents basement. He was released on bail for $100,000 and is banned from internet until his court case in March.
  8. His court case is actually today we'll the trials are today but it's probably tomorrow since today's Sunday


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