Hungry Freaks Daddy

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Frank Zappa - Hungry Freaks Daddy 1966[/ame]

    Let this be the anthem of the 2nd american revolution!
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    Come on where are all the hungry freaks!?
  3. This song was playing in the music shop where I work, and some clever customer started going on about how the main riff is 'exactly the same' as The Rolling Stones' 'Satisfaction'. Heads very, VERY nearly rolled... :cool:
  4. If by 'exactly the same' he means 'completely different' then yeah. I agree with him.
  5. Why would a tone deaf person be in a music shop in the first place?.... perhaps a percussionist?
  6. Hey man. I'm a tone deaf percussionist and even I can hear the difference. It has a different rythum also, So the dude wasn't a drummer.
  7. Jumping Jack Flash? Then this should really confuse them....

    [ame=""]Dailymotion - Buffalo Springfield - Mr Soul - Live HP 1966 - a Music video@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]
  8. YES! EVERYONE claims Mr Soul has the same main riff to Satisfaction as well, and you can hear the similarity... but it's a huge stretch to call it the same riff, the riff off Satisfaction sounds way more angular and stocatto-y than the riff on Mr Soul, which is far more smooth, flowing and legato-y. I hate to just hurl those terms around so crudely, but that's the best way my stoned brain can describe it...

    That whole album (the one Mr Soul is off, I forget the title - might be Bufallo Springfield Again) is awesome too, redhead - Hung Upside Down stands out in my mind particularly. Kudos for digging it up and posting here... and, naturally, kudos to the OP for making a thread about a fucking Zappa song! :smoking:
  9. "Mr. America, walk on by...
    Your schools that do not teach"

    Good one, but from the same album "Freak Out", there are many prophetic songs.

    Trouble Every Day
    [ame=]YouTube - Frank Zappa - Trouble Every Day 1966[/ame]

    Help, I'm A Rock (Iraq)
    [ame=]YouTube - Frank Zappa - Help , I´m A Rock 1966[/ame]

    Who Are The Brain Police?
    [ame=]YouTube - Frank Zappa - Who Are The Brain Police 1966[/ame]

    It Can't Happen Here
    [ame=]YouTube - Frank Zappa - It Can´t Happen Here 1966[/ame]

    I'd say America could use a good Freak Out about now.

    And Frank Zappa, as a musician, and songwriter, was more original than any Keith Richards riff ever. Freak Out was made to sound like a pop album, because he didn't wish to lose his label's support.

    The closest he came to a 'sell-out', was a freak out.:smoke:

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