Hunger... flatulence?

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Aug 12, 2002.

  1. I seem to fart a lot when I am hungry... anyone else get this? Or am I just a freak? Why am i posting this?
  2. switch.......just....just....stop
  3. nubs av gives me gas..if that counts for anything
  4. HHHmmmm.............. sorry I can't be of more help, but girls don't fart ;)
  5. lemme "fluff"..or "get the vapors"...or somethin like that
  6. nope, nothin' ;)
  7. Hmmmmmm..............I'm stoned as hell so I thought I would share a little bit of useless info that is floating in my head. Farting is produced when your body can't completely digest the protien in your body. Burping is produced when your body can't digest the carbohydrates in your body. And yawning is a defense mechanism that is produced when your brain is lacking oxygen. (I've often wondered if that is the case then why is yawning contagious. Oh well!!!!!) I don't think this has anything to do with anything but I just thought I would share my useless information. LOL.
  8. and FYI...girls poot
  9. they do not

    :: pooooooot ::

    ooops :)
  10. see I told you
  11. yes..they do! fucking ex let the biggest mother of em all go while she was sitting on my vibrated my balls...girls most definately POOT
  12. hahaahahahhahahhahahahha poot is the funniest word ever.

    p.s. Nubbin when impersonating me you should use this smiley ;) not this one :)

    Norman, I'm sorry your ex was one sick bitch ;)
  13. i dont even fucking remember what i was gonna say
  14. well considering the hightened arousal normsy poo experienced when his ex pooted Id say hes the sick one..but thats just my sober to watch clockwork orange and then go to bed so I can wake up in the morning and get put back to sleep and then wake up again with an hour of my life missing and a hole in the roof of my mouth which i wont be able to feel because ill be groggy, numb and stupid and ill immediately get a ride home where I will go back to bed again in my boxers and socks after popping various painkillers in a happy dreamlike stupor while trying to recover as quickly as possible so I can go with my friends later on in the week and get messed up and then laugh at carnies and ride fast rides which will damage my clotted blood filled surgical holes due to excessive carnival ride G forces.... If I go into a coma during my "surgery" tell the ice cream man I love him...
  15. would that be the "surgery" tomorrow? or the surgery after the high g force fair rides?
  16. have a nice stupor i'm off to catch my ride. make sure and stumble to the computer at least once a day to so I can be a bitch to you. Actually, I'll give you the first two or so days off because I wont be here. Good uck

  17. Didn't know that!

    Now that's a good point! That's worthy of some net-research.

    Damn! And I thought there was a punch line commin'!

    And no information is useless. See? Ya taught me ;)
  18. i think yawning is contagious for subconsious reasons, your sc notices when someone yawns, and says hey! they are getting oxygen that means i need oxygen..YAWN!!.

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