hundreds of plants with two ugly ducklings

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  1. hahahah, this is what i love, watching fucked up plants grow for pure experimentation. kk this yellow one is haggered, don't know why. aviously some deficiency somewhere, but what truly gets me is that the soil i used was the same for my other plants. Came to the conclusion it's overwatering. And for the green plant with no top, something ate it, it was one of my sprouts around may 1st, the last batch i planted. but hopefully it will still grow outwards, i have no doubt that if i LSTed this it'd be looking like a regular plant in a couple weeks. yup i will do that, check back on this thread later for these fucked updates.
  2. The first plant looks like it has some kind of mold or fungus on the leaves.
  3. what you mean on the tips, nah thats the only bit of green foliage i have left, u must be trippin man. I achually had 2 plants at the start of the season with strictly yellow leaves, now they are lush green with great vigor, marijuana can bounce back from anything, watch this plant in two weeks it'll be lookin better, or worse...haha the real funny thing though is that this plant has been growing yellow ever since the first 2 round leaves appeared, it likes the deficiency or sumthing cos its growing at almost the same rate as my other plants. haha ever smoked yellow buds before.
  4. Me thinks you topped that 2nd plant way to much :)
  5. Trippin?
    Naw. Sorry man. What is the green stuff I have circled in red?

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  6. like i said in my last post, it's just green foliage trying to break through, too hot here for mold/fungus. you sound like a newb, both of you, i never topped dier, got eaten.
  7. So, let me see if I have got this right jonster. You are saying WE sound like newbs? Lets see, I have been growing for almost 5 years, Dier has been growing outside at least 5 years and indoors for 1 year that I know of. So between the two of us we have 10-15 years experience maybe more. And you want to say we sound like newbs and we are trippin and whatever? That's perfectly cool man except for one problem; YOU don't have a clue what you are talking about. Molds and fungus can very much be alive at hot temperatures. It depends greatly on humidity as well. Not saying you have mold but, check the link:

    In case you are too lazy to read the whole thing let me cut and paste the pertinent info for you:
    III.A.1. Humidity. The most important environmental factor to control is the amount of moisture in the air and consequently in books and paper. Books and paper naturally contain a certain amount of water. They are hygroscopic, so that when relative humidity goes up, they absorb water to achieve equilibrium. At 50% relative humidity, the moisture content of paper is approximately 7%; at 70% relative humidity, it is approximately 10%. Moisture enables mold to absorb nutrients from book and paper substrates, so the more moisture a book contains, the greater are the chances for fungus spores to germinate at room temperature. The potential for mold or mildew development on wet books is one important reason for quick freezing of books damaged by water.

    Relative humidities above 70% can easily lead to mold growth; for safety, it is generally recommended that libraries keep their relative humidity below 65%. Relative humidity below 40%, however, can cause books and paper to become fragile from dryness. Hence the acceptable range is 45% to 65%. It is possible, however, that some molds can begin growing at 70% relative humidity or higher and then continue growing at relative humidities of less than 70%. Because of this, new acquisitions should be checked for mold and treated, if necessary, prior to storing them with the rest of the collection.

    Consistency is also important within the 45% to 65% range. As books and papers absorb or release water into the atmosphere with changes in relative humidity, they also change their shapes. They expand or contract, although different parts of a book will do so at different rates, as will different types of paper. For example, a vellum binding may expand quickly as it absorbs water, but the paper inside will expand more slowly, and the adhesive used in binding may expand at an intermediate rate. Fluctuations in humidity, when necessary due to, for example, seasonal changes, should be slow and carried on over time. Generally, it is recommended that relative humidity remain at 50% with a maximum change of plus or minus 5% per month.

    III.A.2. Temperature. Most molds thrive at warmer temperatures. When combined with high levels of humidity, temperatures of 70 to 75 Fahrenheit can cause mold to develop. Temperatures below freezing will not kill mold, but they do make it dormant. Few molds will be active at temperatures of less than 50 Fahrenheit. Mold can also grow in conditions up to 140 Fahrenheit. High heat will kill mold

    Oh and if you want a link that deals directly with trees and plants (which books and paper come from by the way) you can search for it yourself. I got 654,000 hits when I typed into the Google Search Engine “mold and fungus in high heat".

    Next time you want to make silly statements, make sure you have your facts straight.
  8. sorry u take such offense to my silly statements, if it looks like mold to you then hey all the power to you, but really smkn, i kno your both not newbs, so take a step back and realize that this is a simple overwatering problem, your mold is only green foliage, you know how i'm 100% sure? cos i got 100 other plants growing in same place, environment etc. check my thread dd cat pee if u haven't seen it, it shows my two ugly duckling's.
  9. Yo man.
    No offense taken its no big deal. I do have a question though; what do you mean by green foliage breaking through? You do realize that once a leaf turns yellow it will never turn back to green right?
  10. from mabe your experiences yes but don't say to me that it's impossible i've had it happen. im saying that it can sustain rejuvenatation until a certain point. ex. 2 plants this year of mine with a feww sets of leaves were strictly yellow, but they were growing and didn't look detrimental, now they're green, yes smkn the yellow leaves are now green.
  11. dude take another picture of it now i want to see how it turned out.
    oh and do u have ALL 100 plants in one areaaa? thats allott i wish i could do that hah.

  12. dude i took that 2 days ago, chill im experimenting and theorizing. On my lab write-up my procedure is 15 day picture intervals, haha.

    yes 100, and if you don't beleive me look at my thread dd cat pee ne1 herd. Start counting.

    it's really not all that hard, about 100 pots, 30 bags of soil, slug bait, hair and piss, barriers, not to mention watering and checking them for hazards everyday.
  13. oh niceeee man! i need to move somewhere where i could do something like that.
  14. yeh i live in a small town, but close to an airport, really close! almost too close but hey, nothing like a little scenery while your in the air. haha

    my grow is in a 10 acre property behind my buddys house, then about 40 acres of government property that stretches until it hits mountains. it's a pretty good spot...close to a river too, yo this reminds me, tommorow im gunna take a picture of the scenery, i think you'll be drooling at the opportunities.
  15. sounds perfect man. I couldnt seem to find the one thread you said that had pictures of all your plants...the dd cat pee thing ...well i found that one but then it sed to look for some other one u have like a link?

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