hundreds of plants need help!

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  1. so along time ago a buddy of mine planted a bunch of seeds along this cornfield out in the middle of nowhere and they grew but the males took over and turned everything so full of seeds it wasnt worth smoking and every year the crop just kept getting bigger and bigger and now theres literally hundreds of these purple and green crystal covered plants

    my question is is it worth trying to save it? is it a good possability to remove all the males and grow bud worth harvesting and selling?

    and if so any tips on how to go about doing it? lol
  2. hahahahaha thats a silly situation. I personally have NO idea if/how that would work. But i had to input this lol. Every few years in boulder there is some HUGE field of weed busted always nearish the same area, and im conviced they send in these people to cut/root them all and one fucking seed ends up blowing in the wind, to another field where it starts all over. So funny so funny. dumb kids will go scavage the plants and then come to realize...most if not all are male... If you cant save it atleast, make sure no one comes and fucking cuts it all down or something, maybe you can some day have a huge natural pot population there... Uncontrollable hahahahhaha
  3. lol it is it just keeps growing every year for a LONG time lol they get like 8 feet tall an look like christmas trees but they get ruined every year before there ready to harvest they grow nice hairs an crystals at first an lots of them turn purple but then by the end they pretty much all are covered in seeds lol..

    still fun to run around in an have pot fights while it lasts :hello:
  4. take some of the seeds and spread it more... Human intervention could make that a pot forest hahahaha
  5. You could try and Remove male before hand but that will stop any further generation's from growing there! There also possibility that they would just Hermi to ensure survival. I would do like Sirsog Said and further spread the seed till it a Jungle of Weed!! :hello:
  6. I wanna see pics :D
  7. lol if i cant save it im gunna get as many seeds as i possibly can from it an next year ill be jonny fuckin appleseed with em lol all over the parks an trails an stuff lol
  8. wheathers been real crappy lately an today an tomorrow are same an i leave tomorrow for my 4 day drill in Ft McCoy but when i come back on sunday it should be nice out an ill get a bunch of pics ha :) i got a couple pics from last year with my gf standing nest to some plants before flowering ill see if i can figure out how to post them quick ha
  9. guess i dont have any pics on this pc.. but ill post some on sunday - monday :)
  10. so why not harvest em ..even with seeds and make hash ?
  11. There is not an answer with simple yes or no.
    It is worth of course but not for any plant, some of them can be very but very good.
    In that "wood" of plants you cant expect so big yield per plant, but you can bet on quantity.
    Im stupid for selling ... sorry :eek:
  12. thanks for the info outdoormaster btw your vids rock man ha an they just helped me make my discition i think im gunna just try to transplant like 20 at a time to diferent sights an that will make it easier to make sure they dont get taken over by males :)
  13. I love this thread. Magical forest of marijuana : )
  14. yea man just take a a coule chunky females and put them in a spot far away and thats it man work free weed!:smoking:
  15. i just moved two plants from the field into my house an i got 8 6500k 1600 lumen CFLs on them an its been an hour now an there still really droopy what should i do?
  16. heres some pics :(

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  17. How is there so many seeds that its un-smokeable. I dont care if theres 15 seeds for every gram. Pick em out and enjoy.
  18. haha yea but its just way too many seeds thats why im trying to transplant as many females as possible to a different location an get all bud :hello: but im not that experienced so i need some help ha
  19. Or you could leave them and chop most males down, leaving a few to seed up a few females for next years seeds and the farther from the males the females are the less and less seeds they will have...there is nothing wrong with seeded bud. But I have to ask do you have anywhere to even dry/cure these IF you get them to harvest? That is a must if you cant do that you might as well let them seed up again take a few choice seeded colas home to dry qand wait till next year to really grow.

    Old school farmers will plant fields of plants and leave only a few males so the immediate females around the males are full of seed for next years crop and like a shock wave the further out ripples get less and less seeds and thats the bud used for smoking, and the middle ripples are used for seed stock or hash or they just pick the seeds out to smoke if they arent too badly seeded...
  20. theres just so many plants though its hell trying to pick out the males i just wanna get a bunch of the females moved to a seperate location

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