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Hunched over when high without knowing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by The GreenRipper, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. So a few days ago I went into work as high as great northen sparrow (clear eyes gum mouthwash the whoel 9 yards). Some D-bag i work with yells out " Whats the Matter!? your all hunched over."

    Me not thinking just laughed walked away thinking wtf is he talking about. but then a kid i work with said the same thing "dude your so hunched over"

    I have great posture and am in very good shape but when i wentinto the bathroom I was my head was droooping below my chest and i was hunched over without even knowing it/feeling it ...

    anyway i stood up str8 felt even higher/weird and went about my day....

    NE one else get hunched over without knowing it when there ripped ?
  2. Nah dude lol
  3. Yes. It happens to me. I just make sure to think about keeping my back straight when I toke all the time. Sucks when you walk into a public place looking like a caveman all hunched over:p
  4. Lol, that made me giggle. Nice going there bro.
  5. yea I was really bad that day.... but now that it happend i notice people walking around my town like that ....i really hate it tho cause i really think about it now

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