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  1. where do I get good quality hummus or how do u go about making ur own?

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    The only recipe for hummus I have is cooked, mashed chick peas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. :laughing: 
    Lets clarify something first are you asking about humus or compost? There is a difference and I find many folks here in the city interchange the two terms.
  3. humus? my bad​
  4. please if u could clarify anyways
  5. Hello GR,
    Compost - Organic matter in a purposeful state of partial decomposition. The purposeful part is important. Dead stuff on the ground is NOT compost, just decaying organic matter. It is the controlled, or semi-controlled conditions that make it compost.
    The pile you create in your back yard with food scraps, grass, dead leaves, etc. or the pile of manure farmer John piled up in the back forty would be considered compost.
    Humus - That portion of the soil that has fully broken down and is thus stable. This stability is important because it allows you to remove it from consideration in a lot of investigations, and this is why soil sciences define it this way.
    Peat or the soil beneath the litter in an old forest would be a couple of examples of what humus is.
  6. Damn you MGB! I foliar fed my plants your hummus recipe and now my plants look like shit. Smells like tahini and skunk. I need some pitas.....

  7. Start a compost bin! Or a worm bin! And then waiiitttt for it!
  8. Gunrule, do a local Craigslist search on compost/vermicompost/worm castings/black leaf mold etc for starters - you'd be surprised what you'll find sometimes. You can sometimes find decent compost at nurseries and then there's always bagged compost and worm castings.

    Your whole soil mix revolves around these items - get the best you can get. You can start your own compost as well but be advised that its a commitment that takes time. Starting your own worm bin is an excellent idea and we have a sticky on this subject.


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