Humus, humates, humic acid

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  1. nice article.

    i bet you the loss of humates through chemical agriculture in the USA's once "fertile" soil is what lead to the loss of the useable silicon for our nation's farms.

  2. Think "Dust Bowl" Kansas circa 1930's.

    caused by severe drought coupled with decades of extensive farming without crop rotation, fallow fields, cover crops or other techniques

    Sorry, dont mean to get off track MIW.

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    Thanks for the link MIW. Some good info here as well.

    Wee add on. I'm reading that fantastic paper now (Go Aggies!). This paragraph explains why minerals (adding minerals/rock powders) is so important.

  4. i use the words humus, humic, etc. fully haphazardly. Living on the edge...
  5. nice article, though, and easy to read...
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    The article just makes me very glad I am making my own humus. :D

    Here is a quote from that pdf.

    And another important quote.

    And my last quote, an excellent take away point.


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