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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by xXLexie06Xx, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Any tips tricks for humidity control? I have a mini-dehumidifier and most of the vents on my tent is open but i cant for the love of god bring down my humidity any lower then 75%.. even when i let it dry it barely goes below 50%

    First grow journal, first "proper" indoor
  2. Bigger/better dehumidifier, more airflow and ventilation. Do you live in like a jungle or something? Cause that's really high. You could also grow strains that originate from locations with high humidity that can tolerate it and be resistant to mold.
  3. Then embrace the humidity, which is correct according to the vapor pressure deficit chart. I've been following the chart with hydro, and it creates lush growth, and no bud rot.
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  4. My temps never go above 30c/88f
    But i had humidity reach 99% so i just keep opening my tent during the day to bring it down.

    First grow journal, first "proper" indoor
  5. No i live in canada, fall season cold and humid, but next time ill try a different strain, do you have any in mind ? Or any sativas would be better ?

    First grow journal, first "proper" indoor
  6. Oh an thanks for that chart, thats a big weight of my shoulder to have something to compare to.

    First grow journal, first "proper" indoor
  7. We have been taught that these high humidities can cause bud rot.
    I don't think that's likely with hydro, but soil might be different.
    The biggest problem might be containing the rapid vertical growth that high temp, high humidity promotes.
    I've cut back on temps because some autos grew into the lights before using higher temps.
  8. See im growing in soilless medium so you think it would still affect it ? Ive been having problems of vertical growth, my plants has stayed very short but it is a 80%indica strain

    First grow journal, first "proper" indoor
  9. Certainly strain affects things, but following the chart has caused some (not all) of my previous indica autos to get over 5 ft tall.
    The green zone of the chart is supposed to maximize growth.
    I'd guess that medium doesn't affect the chart.
    If you are out of the chart green zone right now, that might explain short plants.
    If you are in that zone, then short genetics or stressed seedlings are probably the best explanations.
    I don't know how soil or soil-less would affect bud rot possibilities, but it's easier to keep pathogens away with hydro.
  10. I think it might be genetics, i only transplanted once from solo cup to 15 gal and never been moved, i trim about once 1-2 weeks and only leaves below the screen and ones not being reached by the light are trimmed off

    First grow journal, first "proper" indoor
  11. Another possible problem is stress from pruning, but this is a very controversial topic.
    Consider letting the undergrowth go awhile, and see if that helps.
  12. According to the VPD chart, your humidity is probably too low.
    Subtract 5 F from air temp to get leaf temp, then stay in the green.

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