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  1. How can i raos the humidity in my grow room its pretty big and i allready have a big bowl of water in their cause it was getting below 40% im at 50%.
    Or is this okay my temp is around 73
  2. Between 40 an 50 is just where you want it an it can be lower during flower so your fine..
  3. If you do need to raise it, get a cheap misting humidifier. You can find them for about 20-30$ and they are adjustable based on how much moisture you need in the air.
  4. mine fluctuates from 25-40 and they do fine. When its down near 25 I will spray the leaves with water a little while before the lights come on so they get nice and moist for when the lights come on but don't get hotspots.
  5. U don't want to raise it. That's when u get pm problems. Dehums are a great investment
  6. my set up is by the laundry room. when i use the dryer, i leave the door open and the plants get some
  7. Fuck humidity. My humidity stayed right around 15-20 percent on my last grow and it didn't seem to hurt them at all. I've thought about a humidifer, but really I don't see the reason. No one has ever given me a reason why humidity is better around 50%. Just seems to me like higher humidity makes a higher possibility of having mold problems. Maybe there is a downside to having low humidity, but just wondering if anyone actually has a reason why? I've never actually heard anything real, just speculation. anyone know any reasons?
  8. You will only get mold problems during flower so that's why it's good to keep it low during flower.. High humidity is best in veg cos the leaves absorb the moisture in the air.. Don't think it's critical but any plant will have its best chance in life if its conditions are set to what it likes..

  9. It's mainly with HID lighting because the higher humidity will allow you to keep the lights closer without burning the leaves. I really don't think it has too much change in the development of plant except bring a higher risk for mold and fungus. I like when it's lower because it's harder to over water and I haven't seen any negative effects from it so far.
  10. Me either. My humidity stays low here in the winter and it hasn't been an issue. I have to slow down drying otherwise the bud dries too fast after harvest, but other than that, I've seen no problems with growing with low humidity even though most people keep it around 40-55 RH
  11. Well thank you everyone. I was just hearing that 55% is optimal but. I really think im way over thinking everything with this plant. Its my first and i swear it has everything wrong with it lol
  12. You just have to stick with the leave it the fuck alone method.

    The plants I constantly fucked with did horrible and the ones I felt I neglected are doing awesome.
  13. Well this is my first one i mean i check it a couple times a day

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